The FLAW Hardcore Championship is a championship in FLAW, contested under no-disqualification rules. Somewhat unique among hardcore titles in that the champion can lose the title in any match.

Although the champion can lose the belt in any match, it is not a 24/7 title; it is only defended in sanctioned FLAW wrestling matches.

The title was created by CATS and given to Giant Enemy Crab in season 3, episode 5. Due to the title's popularity among other wrestlers, FLAW officials chose to recognize it as an official FLAW championship.

Rules Edit

As a more informal title, the FLAW Hardcore Championship is not bound to the same rules and regulations as the other two titles, the FLAW Championship and the FLAW 2P Championship.

  • Although FLAW can award Hardcore title shots, the champion can also choose his own competitors without the approval of FLAW.
  • Any match becomes a no-disqualification match if the Hardcore Champion is a participant.
  • The Hardcore Championship is on the line in any match the Hardcore Champion competes in.
  • Former champions do not have a rematch clause; once someone loses the title, they must earn another shot or be given another shot by the new champion.
  • The Hardcore Champion must be directly defeated to lose his title.

Title History Edit

Wrestler Reigns Episode won Notes
Giant Enemy Crab 1 Season 3, Episode 5 Created by CATS and awarded to Giant Enemy Crab
Don Combo 1 Season 3, Episode 7 Defeated Giant Enemy Crab after CATS accidentally struck Crab with title belt.

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