Fearless Jack Bull -- (born May 1, 1970, as Gregg Groothuis, in Phoenix, AZ) is an independent wrestler in California, Arizona, and overseas in Japan.  Originally billed as Big Jack Bull, he signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment in March 2005, to work at DSW in Atlanta, GA, and OVW in Louisville, KY, where he developed the Evel Knievel gimmick of "Fearless Jack Bull."

During his six-month reign as IZW Champion in 2004, Jack Bull wrestled (and lost to) Maven on WWE-TV.  The next week, he challenged any reality TV star for two weeks later on an IZW card, and Mike The Miz Mizanin answered the challenge, but Bull pinned Miz.

In late 2006, Fearless Jack Bull participated in wrestling's first drinking contest against Joey Mercury where they drank Kentucky Moonshine.  Bull won by disqualified when the referee saw Joey Mercury dumping the drinks into the nearby house plant.

After Jack Bull was released from WWE and left OVW, he returned to IZW as a heel, building up footage so he could pitch the idea to OVW.  He and Kay collaborated on a DVD through Kayfabe Home Movies, which was sent to WWE and Total Nonstop Action (which at that time had crowned a Drinking Contest championship).

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