"Funnoying" (pronounced: fah'-noi-ing) is an unrecognized word that is the obvious combination of the words "funny" and "annoying." The practice of blending the meanings of two separate but applicable words by simply combining both words was popularized by the E&C Dynasty in early-2000.

The term "funnoying" is applicable when someone intentionally is trying to annoy people for the purpose of humor, in which case that person is being "funnoying."

Likewise, the term is also applicable when someone unintentionally is annoying people to the degree that it becomes humorous to the other people (usually because the culprit is unaware that people are laughing at his/her expense), in which case the situation is "funnoying." When Andy, Chris, Jimmy, David, Kay, and TJ went to see "The Wrestler," it was very funnoying when a middle-aged man (and presumed pedophile) attempted to engage TJ and Chris in conversation about teenage boys.

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