Gabriel Quinten Gallo -- (born February 3, 1979, as Robert Redfeather, in Cherokee, OK) is an independent pro wrestler in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Pacific coast states. In most promotions, he is known as "The Institution of Professional Wrestling," and often named "The King of No Rules" for his success in No-Disqualification matches. It is not uncommon for G. Q. Gallo to be the most hated and most popular wrestler at the same time. He started his career as Ghostwalker as a member of Native Blood teaming with Navajo Warrior where they frequently wrestled for Ultimate Pro Wrestling in California, as well as appearances in World Wrestling Entertainment.

In 2002, they opened the Impact Zone Wrestling training school with Hollywood Yates in Phoenix, which soon began running shows at Pitic, before moving to The Sets in 2004, where they performed for the next five years. After holding the IZW Tag Team championships in 2002 and beating Peter Goodman for the IZW Western States championship in 2004, Gallo became set on winning the IZW Heavyweight Championship starting in January 2007. It took him nearly 18 months to fulfill his quest, but he finally won the title on July 15, 2008, and continued his reign as champion for the rest of the year to gain recognition as the 2008 Wrestler of the Year.

Gallo also spearheaded a new training regimen in 2008 to bring new talent into Impact Zone Wrestling since the IZW Training Facility was officially closed. Several of his students appeared in IZW, including "Pali Prince" Sal Erakat, Tyson Tyler, Dom The Bomb Vitalli, Ryan Castle, Sweet Liz Sassi, and Johnny Manson. After IZW closed its doors in 2009, Gallo became instrumental in creating Elite Xtreme Wrestling (EXW) in February 2010, which started running periodic shows at Toby Keith's in Mesa, AZ. EXW has had big events in Prescott and at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, AZ.

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