Art by Andy Kubert
Real Name Remy LeBeau
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Height 6'3"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eye color Black sclera, red pupils
Hair color Brown
Allies X-Men
Rivals Magneto, Juggernaut, Brotherhood of Mutants, Apocalypse, etc.
Debut Uncanny X-Men #266, 1989

Gambit is the codename for Remy LeBeau, a member of Marvel's uncanny X-Men team. Gambit is a mutant with the ability to charge any inanimate object with explosive energy.

Official CanonEdit

Remy LeBeau was raised by the Thieves' Guild in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he was a young man, he and Bella Donna Boudreau, a young woman in the rival Assassins' Guild, were engaged. The thought was that the marriage of the young couple would unite the two guilds. But Gambit got cold feet and ran away, just before his marriage.

Being raised in the cajun country of backwoods New Orleans, LeBeau was fluent in French. He then went to Paris and fell in love with a young woman. The mutant terrorist Sabretooth

Years later, LeBeau had taken up the name Gambit, and ran into the de-aged and powerless Storm. He rescued her from attacks by the Shadow King, Nanny, and the Orphan-Maker. Storm brought Gambit back to the X-Men with her, where he was not, at first, very well-received. Shortly after joining the team, however, Gambit fell for Rogue (X-Men). Rogue fell for him as well, though, due to Rogue's mutant ability, the two of them were unable to touch.

When the time-displaced Bishop came to the present-day, he recalled that a member of the X-Men would betray the team, leading to their demise. He recalled Gambit's name, and accused LeBeau of being the "X-traitor". It was later revealed that Onslaught was the X-traitor, and Gambit was innocent of this crime that he did not commit.

For years, Gambit was a valued member of the X-Men, lending support in every battle, no matter how big or small. Even after the revelation that he was hired by Mr. Sinister to lead the Marauders to the Morlock tunnels and slaughter the sewer-dwelling mutants, Gambit was accepted into the X-Men, as he had proven that he was a different man.

After the events of M-Day, when mutants all over the world lost their powers, Gambit retained his. However, he agreed to work with the X-Men's sworn enemy, Apocalypse, becoming his newest Horseman of Death. Gambit intended to infiltrate the would-be world-conqueror's ranks, but did not account for the warping Apocalypse would do to his mind. Gambit and Sunfire left Apocalypse's ranks to try and begin life anew. Shortly, Gambit was seemingly freed of Apocalypse's control by Mr. Sinister, and he re-joined the Marauders for a brief time, though he was quick to turn on the team of evil mutants and help the X-Men once again.

Currently, Gambit lives on Utopia, and is trying to re-connect with Rogue. But she doesn't feel like she can trust him, anymore...

On PsychoAndy.comEdit

Gambit was a part of the inaguraul Heir to the Throne tournament, 2D Fighters. He defeated Guile in the first round, and SNK's Blue Mary in round 2. However, Gambit was eliminated in the third round by Joe Higashi.

Gambit is scheduled to appear in the upcoming X-Men-based HTTT tournament, Heir to the Throne Fall of the Mutants

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