Gary McMahon SM

Mr. McMahon bites Gary The Fish

Gary The Fish is easily the coolest fish in the world, as well as the most loved fish since lobster.

He has met countless celebrities, most of whom have had the honor of signing his body and several stars have used the moment for a photo op with him to boost their social status. Gary's body consists of the most amazing set of signatures you will ever find on one fish. The set includes a wide range of stars from television & movies to sports & wrestling, as well as celebrities that you don't know but other people would know.

Chris Hughes has accompanied Gary on most (if not all) of his misadventures. The "Gary The Fish cool scale" (GFCS) is set from 1-10 with 1 being "most lame" to 10 being "Gary the Fish." The GFCS itself would rank as a seven due to its association with Gary The Fish; most cool scales only rank as a three.

Gary nash

Kevin Nash includes Gary the Fish as a member of the Wolfpac

The list of celebrities who have signed Gary includes but is not limited to:

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