Gen 13 in their earliest costume designs.

Gen 13 (officially typeset "Gen13" is a comic book series published by Wildstorm Entertainment.

Created in 1994 by Brandon Choi, Jim Lee and J. Scott Campbell, Gen13 follows the adventures of a teenage superhero team, consisting of Caitlin Fairchild, Roxy "Freefall" Spaulding, Percival Edmund "Grunge" Chang, Robert "Burnout" Lane, and Sarah Rainmaker. The original Gen13 series had the team mentored by John Lynch. The Worldstorm Reboot version of the series no longer has Lynch involved with the team.

1994 Mini SeriesEdit

Gen13 debuted in Deathmate: Black, but less than a year later, the first issue of their six-issue mini series debuted. Beginning with issue 0, the origin of Gen13 was laid out.

1995 Ongoing SeriesEdit

The following year, based on the successful sales of the mini series, an ongoing Gen13 series was commissioned, by the same creative team as the mini; Brandon Choi scripting, J. Scott Campbell on pencils, and Alex Garner on inks.

Campbell/Choi EraEdit

Frank/Smith EraEdit

Lobdell/Benes EraEdit

Adam Warren EraEdit

This is How the Story EndsEdit

Sales on Gen13 had slumped so much that Wildstorm decided to cancel the book. The team went to stop a bomb from going off, but failed and exploded. Issue 71 was a dream sequence the team shared, involving the Mongolian BBQ Horde.

Gen13: BootlegEdit

In 1996, Gen13 was so hot, creators from all over the comics field wanted to get their hands on the teenaged heroes. Thus, Wildstorm created a second Gen13 title, called Gen13: Bootleg. Stories in this series were not in-continuity with the main series, although many of the stories certainly could have been. Gen13: Bootleg ran for 20 issues before the comics industry crash of 1997.

2001 RelaunchEdit

In 2001, the title was relaunched, written by Chris Claremont with pencils by Alejandro Garza. The only returning character was Caitlin Fairchild, who mentored a brand-new team of "Genies" ("GEN13" could be considered l33t sp33k for "Genie"), all of whom were somehow related to the September 11th terrorist attacks. This series lasted for just 16 issues before getting the ax, mostly for being completely useless. At the end of this version, it was revealed that the original Gen13 team had survived the explosion by being randomly teleported into another dimension.

2006 RebootEdit


Fairchild by ed benes

Fairchild. Art by Ed Benes.


Caitlin Fairchild. Redhead. Leader. Super strong. Super smart. Super busty. Dense skin. 400 pounds. Same measurements as Elle MacPherson.


Freefall. Art by J. Scott Campbell


Roxanne "Roxy" Spaulding. Fairchild's half-sister. Gravitational manipulation. Loves Grunge. Same measurements as Natalie Portman.


Burnout. Art by Alex Garner.


Robert "Bobby" Lane. Loves underground music. Pyrokinesis. In original series, latent telepathy and was Lynch's son.


Grunge. Art by J. Scott Campbell.


Percival Edmund "Eddie" Chang. Dufus. Has the hots for Caitlin. Sometimes gives in to Roxy. Ability to duplicate the physical makeup of another object.


Rainmaker. Art by J. Scott Campbell


Sarah Rainmaker. Lesbian. Native American. Lesbian. Likes being naked. Lesbian. Oppressed. Lesbian. Weather control. Lesbian.






Cute little bugger, ain't he?

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