George The Animal Steele -- (born April 16, 1937, as William James Myers, in Detroit, Michigan) is a Hall of Fame pro wrestler, best known for his work in the WWF. He is one of Chad MacDonald's favorite wrestler, and his bio was covered in the book WWE Legends, which Ed The K Motley purchased but his copy is over at Chad's place, so once Kay gets it back, he will be able to add to this page.

Two commonly stated misconceptions about his career were that (A) he was a college professor during his off-time, and (B) he is Miss Elizabeth's father. In regards to the first one, he was a high school coach so it was not entirely off-base, and Jim Myers is intelligent enough to teach college, so (unlike the next one) it wasn't entirely off-base. There are no relations between Elizabeth and Jim Myers, except she was his love interest in the WWF's recreation of King Kong, in which an animal falls in love with a beautiful woman. Ya know, King Kong would have been much better if Randy Savage saved the day, but that's neither here nor there.

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