Giant Enemy Crab
Giant Enemy Crab
Birthplace Ancient Japan
Height 7'4"
Weight 599 lbs.
Eye color Black
Hair color None
Fighting style Grappler/Hardcore
Allies CATS, Ice Climbers
Rivals Robodile, Don Combo, Happyheart Bros.
Debut FLAW season 2

Giant Enemy Crab is an original character by Brandon A. Mayo, inspired by the popular Genji 2 meme. He debuted in season 2 of FLAW as the bodyguard and son of former FLAW Champion, CATS. In the first ever FLAW Tournament, Giant Enemy Crab defeated his former ally, Un Happyheart, in round 1. In round 2, however, he lost to Captain Happyheart, when Un Happyheart purposely got him disqualified.

In season 3, CATS debuted the FLAW Hardcore Championship and gave it to his son. So far, Giant Enemy Crab has successfully defended the belt against the likes of Skullomania and Robodile, and continues to hold it to this day.

FLAW Info Edit

Championships and accomplishments Edit

Trademark wrestling moves Edit

  • Massive Damage (F-5)
  • Weak Point (Iron Claw)
  • Boston Crab

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