Great White (GW) is a blues-based hard rock band from Los Angeles, California. While the peak of their popularity came in 1989 with a cover of "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," they made international headlines in February 2003 when The Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island, caught fire during their opening set, which resulted in the death of 100 people, including the band's guitarist Ty Longley.

Great White started as Dante Fox in 1984, which recorded several demos before it caught the attention of Alan Niven, who would later be the manager of Guns 'N' Roses. Niven helped the band make its connections to release its self-titled debut album in 1984. Capitol Records signed the band and re-released Shot In The Dark (which had been self-released previously) in 1985. Great White first gained mainstream attention in June 1987 with the release of Once Bitten, fueled by "Rock Me" and "Save Your Love." The band followed up with ... Twice Shy in April 1989, and the album was certified as double platinum by September, which enabled the band to perform major gigs. Their next release was Hooked in February 1991, which caught the attention of Edward Motley, but the band never duplicated the success of its Grammy-nominated predecessor. Psycho City was the last album released for Capitol Records before the band went through a slew of other record labels.


Hard Rock Cafe in Maui, HI

Sail Away came out in May 1994 and its title track garnered significant airplay, unlike the stealth release of Let It Rock two years later. Great White found its way back to radio airwaves after Can't Get There From Here was released in July 1999 with "Rolling Stoned," but the band never restored its momentum and they officially disbanded in November 2001 after months of inactivity.

Lead singer Jack Russell continued touring and performing Great White's library, billed as "Jack Russell's Great White," and it was that incarnation that encountered the tragedy in Rhode Island. Regardless, the band reunited officially to promote The Station Family Fund, which paid direct benefits to the victims of the fire. Great White made their reunion official with the July 2007 release of Back To the Rhythm and its follow-up Rising from April 2009. The group is Kay's favorite band of all-time, and he has purchased every single album (most of which were purchased both on CD and again on cassette to keep in his car).


  • On Your Knees (1982)
  • Out Of the Night (1983)
  • Great White (1984)
  • Shot In The Dark (1986)
  • Once Bitten (1987)
  • Recovery: LIVE! (1988)
  • ... Twice Shy (1989)
  • Hooked (1991)
  • Psycho City (1992)
  • The Best of Great White: 1986-1992 (1993)
  • Sail Away (1994)
  • Stage (1995)
  • Let It Rock (1996)
  • Great Zeppelin: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin (1999)
  • Can't Get There From Here (1999)
  • Latest & Greatest (2000)
  • Recover (2002)
  • Thank You ... Goodnight! (2002)
  • Back To The Rhythm (2007)
  • Rising (2009)

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