"Greg The Bunny" was a live-action sitcom created by Dan Milano and Spencer Chinoy for Fox Broadcasting Network. The show started in March 2002 but Fox canceled the program that August. Intended for mature audiences, the show was like a raunchier version of "The Muppet Show." The title character was the star of a fictional children's television show called "Sweetknuckle Junction," living with the show producer's slacker son Jimmy (Seth Green).

Originally, Greg The Bunny himself was created for a cable access show in New York City called "Junktape," which caught the attention of the Independent Film Channel (IFC). IFC gave them a series of short segments titled "The Greg The Bunny Show." After its run on Fox ended, "Greg The Bunny" returned to IFC in 2005 where it had new episodes through December 2006. All post-2002 episodes are available through three different DVD releases.

The show was a favorite TV program of Mallory Lewis and Edward Motley (whose favorite character Warren The Ape started a short-lived spin-off on MTV in June 2010).

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