The Grimm Incident occurred in 1998 or 1999, when Psycho Andy was roleplaying with Emily Roeder and other friends, and was followed into the chatroom he was in by his cousin, Grimm, who, despite his good intentions, wasn't aware of all the policies and intricacies of the RhyDin game. The following happened, and is one of those legendary moments that if you were there, you'll never forget it:

(Key: Chibi Al is Psycho Andy's character, Alucard. MakoEyes13 was VeryEmily's character, Emukina. XNytWyndX was the co-owner of Alucard and Emukina's bar, Wynd. MarkNytshd was Emukina's then-boyfriend, Mark Nightshade)

XNytWyndX: hey hey!

Chibi Al: Hey!

MakoEyes13: ::comes in with Krymson at her ankles:: Hey!

MakoEyes13:  ::chirps something that can't be made out::

Chibi Al: Whole family's here..

MakoEyes13: ::sits down at her usual bar stool::

Chibi Al: ::sits on the bar::

MakoEyes13: ::picks up Kry and puts him on the counter::

XNytWyndX: ::sits down at the bar::

Chibi Al: Hold on.. before we get too comfortable..

Chibi Al: ::stands up:: Group Hug!

OnlineHost: “MarkNytshd” has entered the room.

MakoEyes13: ::grins and hugs both of them::

MarkNytshd: :: appears in a whirlwind of fire::

XNytWyndX: ::joins in the group hug::

Chibi Al: ::'gets lost' in the group hug::

MakoEyes13: ::pokes Al's stomach::

MarkNytshd: ::runs a hand through his short blond hair, his piercing green eyes scan the room::

MakoEyes13: You be nice to mun!

Chibi Al: Hehe.. sorry.

MakoEyes13: ::gets back comfy and sits down at the bar again::

Chibi Al: ::sits on the bar again:: Okay. Had to get that outta my system.

XNytWyndX: ::sits back down::

MakoEyes13: ::smiles to Mark and nods a hello::

MarkNytshd: ::nods to Emu:: hey

Chibi Al: Oh, yeah.. ::drops back behind the bar::

Chibi Al: ::lands on his feet, showing off::

MakoEyes13: ::looks after Al::

Chibi Al: Heh, sorry.. ::pops back up with a can in each hand::

Chibi Al: I owe each of you a..


MakoEyes13: Dun dun dunn..

MarkNytshd: ::slumps against a wall silently::

Chibi Al: ::looks at Wynd::

MakoEyes13: ::motions Mark over with her:: No sleep still?

Chibi Al: Let's try this again..


MakoEyes13: Dun dun dunn

XNytWyndX: oh yeah oh yeah.. eeeeeee-vile!

MarkNytshd: ...I cant even tell the difference between sleep and awakeness anymore..

Chibi Al: There ya go.

Chibi Al: ::pats her head, and hands her the can:: Good puppy.

MakoEyes13: ::laughs:: We're all trained..we can go on the road together

Chibi Al: ::tosses Mousse hers::

MakoEyes13: ::looks back at Mark as she catches::

XNytWyndX: ::takes the can::

MakoEyes13: ::opens it and looks down at it::

MakoEyes13: ::takes a sip:: Wynd you alright? You seem kinda quiet..

XNytWyndX: ::nods:: yeah, i'm fine..

MarkNytshd: ::looks at the gold locket around his neck::

Chibi Al: No you aren't..

XNytWyndX: i'm not?

MakoEyes13: ::blinks::

MarkNytshd: ::drifts into thought::

Chibi Al: ::walks over to Wynd:: What's up?

Chibi Al: ::grabs himself a..


XNytWyndX: i'm fine, really.

Chibi Al: along the way::

MakoEyes13: Dun dun dunn..

Chibi Al: You sure?

XNytWyndX: yep.

MakoEyes13: ((Now this is starting to sting. brb afk))

Chibi Al: Hm.. alright.

XNytWyndX: you don't believe me, do you?

MarkNytshd: ....

Chibi Al: If you need to talk about anything, I'm here.

Chibi Al: You too, Mousse.

MakoEyes13: ((Back))

Chibi Al: Hey, if you say you're fine, then you're fine.

MarkNytshd: ((wb))

MakoEyes13: Thanks..if ya took notes on all the stuff I want to complain about, you could write a novel

MakoEyes13: ((ty))

Chibi Al: I'm not gonna push you either way.

Chibi Al: ((Wb.))

MakoEyes13: ((ty))

Chibi Al: I could write a novel about all the stuff I've been through..

MarkNytshd: .....

MakoEyes13: ::downs half of her drink::

MakoEyes13: Life hasn't been goin' that well for me lately

OnlineHost: “Mr Grimm95” has entered the room.

Chibi Al: No?

Chibi Al: What's been happening?

MakoEyes13: I'm hoping with everything i have that it'll get better..

MakoEyes13: Too much..

Mr Grimm95: U can't escape me HAWK!

Mr Grimm95: hehehehe

MakoEyes13: Couldn't explain it all tonight

Mr Grimm95: is this the comic book store?

MakoEyes13: ::looks at Grimm::

MakoEyes13: ((::laughs:: You're being stalked now ^_^))

Mr Grimm95: Do u guys sell appel pie?

Chibi Al: ((eek!))

Mr Grimm95: hey..quit looking at me

Chibi Al: um.. DO we sell apple pie?

MarkNytshd: ......

Mr Grimm95: you do?

Mr Grimm95: cool

Mr Grimm95: I'll have a slice, please

MakoEyes13: Hey, you're the bartender..closest to a chef ::grins::

Chibi Al: I don't know to make pie!!

MakoEyes13: Wynd, how about you?

XNytWyndX: hey, i just poke the holes in people.. i don't bake pies..

Chibi Al: I can make cakes..

OnlineHost: “GothGrl139” has entered the room.

Mr Grimm95: I want apple pie, damnit!

MakoEyes13: I can cook

MakoEyes13: But I don't have any pie made now

Mr Grimm95: And I want this months issue of Amazing Spider-man

Chibi Al: You'd have to go to the comic store down the street for that.

Mr Grimm95: what is it..number 7 now? those fools started it over at issue 1

Chibi Al: But I think they're closed.

Mr Grimm95: damn Marvel fools

Mr Grimm95: closed??

Mr Grimm95: oh drat

Mr Grimm95: I'll just read this bar napkin

Chibi Al: Um.. okay.

MarkNytshd: ::continues to stare at the locket around his neck::

Chibi Al: ::looks at Wynd, and shrugs::

Mr Grimm95: ::Embrace your enemy with a loving grasp::

Mr Grimm95: what??? where do u get these things?

Mr Grimm95: last time i read one of your bar napkins

Chibi Al: I think our last ones said "Do not feed the otters."

MakoEyes13: Mark..are you alright?

Mr Grimm95: oh man..they're just not trying anymore

MakoEyes13: Was it in Latin too? ::to Al::

Chibi Al: ::snickers::

Chibi Al: "Suriosus furore suo punitar?" I don't think so..

Mr Grimm95: Hey, bartender, a couple of root bears for myself and the gentlemen over her named MakoEyes.

MarkNytshd: ::didnt seem to hear her::

Chibi Al: um.

MakoEyes13: ...

Chibi Al: Grimm, two things..

MakoEyes13: Gentleman?

Chibi Al: I'm the bartender.

Chibi Al: two:

MakoEyes13: ::glares::

Chibi Al: Mako Eyes isn't a guy.

Mr Grimm95: Mako is a chick?

Chibi Al: And she's taken, besides.

MakoEyes13: Name's Emukina, and I'm female.

Mr Grimm95: oh sh*t

Mr Grimm95: sorry

Chibi Al: But I'll get both of you root beers, anyways!

MakoEyes13: ::looks back at Mark::

MarkNytshd: .....

Chibi Al: ::pours two mugs of root beer:: One for you, Mousse..

Chibi Al: And one for Grimmy.

MakoEyes13: Thankyous

Chibi Al: That's two gold.

Chibi Al: ::looks at Grimm::

MakoEyes13: Ole Grimmy pal, you're paying

Chibi Al: You ARE paying for both of 'em, right?

Mr Grimm95: Emukina..r u a relative of Okonkwo?

MakoEyes13: ::glares at Grimm again::

Mr Grimm95: let me finish, Hawk, I'll pay ya

Chibi Al: "Al."

OnlineHost: “LadeeJen” has entered the room.

LadeeJen: :appears::

MarkNytshd: ::finally looks up, glancing around::

LadeeJen: ::looks around:

Mr Grimm95: who's AL?

LadeeJen: ::smiles:: evening everyone..

Chibi Al: About time you joined the rest of us in reality, Mark.

MakoEyes13: ::smiles and nods to Ladee::

MarkNytshd: ::shrugs::

LadeeJen: So...does anyone do tattoos here..?

Mr Grimm95: <<<

MakoEyes13: ::gently pulls Mark over with her::

Chibi Al: Want anything to drink?

MakoEyes13: Tattoo! ::drops her backpack at the word::

MarkNytshd: ::goes over to her::

Chibi Al: ((Grimm: About the 1300's in a mystical land called Rhydin.))

Chibi Al: ::looks at Wynd:: I love how everyone just assumes we do tattoos, too, don't you?

LadeeJen: ::smiles::

LadeeJen: WEll...see..I am looking everywhere ::sighs::

XNytWyndX: ::laughs:: i've noticed that..

MakoEyes13: Tha'd be me ::nods once and hops up::

LadeeJen: I went to a tattoo parlor..and they don't do them ::confused look::

LadeeJen: Go figure..

Mr Grimm95: Ekmuifna..or whatever....tell me..what be'th yout story?

Mr Grimm95: yout= your

MakoEyes13: ::looks at Grimm again::

Mr Grimm95: stop looking at me and answer, I say

MarkNytshd: ::looks to Grimm::

Mr Grimm95: ::glaring deep into her eyes::

MarkNytshd: .shut up...

Mr Grimm95: Bartender....give me another wet one.

LadeeJen: ::leaveS:

MarkNytshd: ::slowly rests a hand on the hilt of his Masamune::

Chibi Al: You haven't even finished the first one.

Chibi Al: And, dammit, call me "al"

Mr Grimm95: Emukina!!!!

MakoEyes13: What?!

MakoEyes13: ::sees that Ladee left..::

Chibi Al: There goes another customer..

Mr Grimm95: Tell me who you are

Chibi Al: ::sits at his stool behind the bar::

MakoEyes13: She might be back

MarkNytshd: Grimm...she is my girlfriend...thats about all you need to know...

Mr Grimm95: why business have you in the land of Rhydin?

MakoEyes13: ::gets up and faces Grimm::

Mr Grimm95: ::smirks::

MarkNytshd: ::his eyes begin to flicker a faint red color::

Chibi Al: ::laughs:: Want some popcorn, Wynd?

Mr Grimm95: ::approuches closer tp Emukina::

MakoEyes13: Emukina Shidou age 14 forever birthdate april 9th born somewhere you haven't heard of

Mr Grimm95: tp = to

MakoEyes13: And if you wanna know my life story, sit down and take notes. It'll take a few days

Mr Grimm95: ::glares deep into her eyes::

MarkNytshd: ::his eyes slowly become a deeper shade of red:

Mr Grimm95: I think I know

MakoEyes13: And you know...I live here.

Mr Grimm95: ::turns to Mark::

XNytWyndX: ::laughs:: this is getting somewhat interesting, al..

MarkNytshd: ...back off Grimm...

Mr Grimm95: You have an interesting expression there, Mark

MarkNytshd: ....if you came here to piss me off, you're doing a good job of it...

Chibi Al: Yeah.. I didn't know Emukina had a last name..

MakoEyes13: ((::rolls on the floor laughing::))

Mr Grimm95: ::glares down at her::

XNytWyndX: what's with all the glaring?

Mr Grimm95: Get up, Emukina

MakoEyes13: ::is standing up::

Mr Grimm95: I have yet to deal with you, Mark, but the lady must come first.

MarkNytshd: ::unsheathes his Masamune:: since when do you give ehr orders..?

MakoEyes13: Mun's the one laughing..oh..nevermind

Chibi Al: ::shushes Wynd, holding back laughter::

MarkNytshd: her*

Mr Grimm95: ::presses fingers together::

Mr Grimm95: ::wry Grimmace::

MarkNytshd: ::is about to snap...::

Mr Grimm95: Go ahead

Mr Grimm95: ::walks up to Mark::

XNytWyndX: ::stifles a laugh::

Mr Grimm95: Strike me.

MarkNytshd: really picked a bad time to mess with me...

Chibi Al: ::hops out between everyone:: Hold on, guys..

Mr Grimm95: Your coward, strike me.

Mr Grimm95: I dare you.

Chibi Al: ::points to the rules sign:: It says "no fighting" up there.

Chibi Al: You can't actually hit each other, in here.

Mr Grimm95: Al, give me another root bear....I need some energy

Chibi Al: If you wanna fight, you'll have to take it outsi--Ah, hell. Kick each other's asses.

Mr Grimm95: Rules are meant to be broken.

MarkNytshd: ::turns his gaze to expect me to stand for this...?

Chibi Al: ::goes back behind the bar, and tosses Grimm a can of root beer::

Mr Grimm95: This bar makes the perfect arena.

Mr Grimm95: What do u say, Mark?

Chibi Al: Nah. Kill him, Mark.

Mr Grimm95: He's a coward.

XNytWyndX: ::laughs:: this is pure entertainment..

Chibi Al: Just remember.. if anything's broken afterwards, I wanna get it paid for.

Chibi Al: In full.

Mr Grimm95: I'll pay

Mr Grimm95: with the blood shed from Mark.

MarkNytshd: ......

Chibi Al: And there's a five dollar down payment from one party for fighting..

Mr Grimm95: COWARD!!!!

MakoEyes13: ::drags her mun outta IM land, calming her down from laughing at a letter::

MakoEyes13: ::punches Grimm::

OnlineHost: MakoEyes13 rolled 3 37-sided dice: 34 8 7

MakoEyes13: I'll pay

Mr Grimm95: YOU!

Mr Grimm95: ::reaches for Mark's neck::

Chibi Al: ::laughs::

MakoEyes13: ::hands Al 5 dollars::

Mr Grimm95: ::sqeezes::

MarkNytshd: ::cuts Grimms hand cleanly off::

OnlineHost: MarkNytshd rolled 2 68-sided dice: 4 27

Chibi Al: ::puts the money in the casheir:: Cha-ching!

Mr Grimm95: ::reveals true hand from inside coat::

XNytWyndX: ::laughs::

Mr Grimm95: you cut off my fake arm

Chibi Al: ((Whoa.. talk about a typo. "cash register"))

Mr Grimm95: ::punches Mark in the face::

Mr Grimm95: fight you COWARD

Mr Grimm95: FIGHT

MarkNytshd: ((with what dice there buddy..?))

Mr Grimm95: fine...

Mr Grimm95: ::reaches for Emukina::

Chibi Al: ::thinks of Monty Python and the Holy Grail::

Mr Grimm95: I'll take it out on her

Mr Grimm95: ::devilish laugh::

MakoEyes13: ::shoves Grimm back::

OnlineHost: MakoEyes13 rolled 3 37-sided dice: 30 20 7

MarkNytshd: ::slashes Grimm cleanly across the torso::

MakoEyes13: Like hell you will

OnlineHost: MarkNytshd rolled 2 68-sided dice: 44 59

Mr Grimm95: You can't stop me

Mr Grimm95:'ll pay for that

Mr Grimm95: ::covers dripping blood::

MakoEyes13: ::steps back::

Mr Grimm95: ::reaches for sword::

XNytWyndX: ::shakes her head, laughing:: i can't take much more of this..

Mr Grimm95: ::swings at Mark::

Mr Grimm95: DIE

Mr Grimm95: DIE!!!!!

Mr Grimm95: BASTARD!!!

MarkNytshd: ...oh really..? :: casts "Starflare" on Grimm, hitting him with a shooting star::

Chibi Al: ::hears the microwave beep:: Ooh, Popcorn's ready!

OnlineHost: MarkNytshd rolled 2 68-sided dice: 62 36

Mr Grimm95: ::summons bahamut materia::

Chibi Al: ::gets a rilly big bowl, and empties the popcorn bag::

Mr Grimm95: Deal with my pet dragon

MarkNytshd: ((umm...I'll take it that you dont know what dice are...))

Mr Grimm95: ::dragon swoops down from sky::

Chibi Al: ((take it that way, Mark.))

Mr Grimm95: ::smashes through ceiling::

Mr Grimm95: I'll pay for the celing..don't worry

Chibi Al: Hey!! You're paying for that ceiling, buddy!!

XNytWyndX: pure comedy..

Mr Grimm95: ::sends a wall of flame on Mark::

MarkNytshd: ((well aparently someone is a newbie..))

Chibi Al: ::offers Wynd some popcorn::

MarkNytshd: ::laughs, as the flame only gives him energy::

Mr Grimm95: magic eh?

XNytWyndX: ::laughs and takes a handful of popcorn::

Mr Grimm95: then I summon the ice goddess

Mr Grimm95: what will you do now?

MarkNytshd: ::kicks Grimm to newbieland::

OnlineHost: “MpLoVe45” has entered the room.

MarkNytshd: ((sorry...learn to RP then we'll talk Grimm..))

Chibi Al: ::chews on the popcorn like a cow:: I almost wanna jump into this..

Mr Grimm95: ::teleports::

MpLoVe45: ::walks in wearing a short black skirt and a tight white midriff shirt::

MpLoVe45: Hello

MarkNytshd: ::sheathes his Masamune::

XNytWyndX: i think it's funnier watching it..

Mr Grimm95: Mark.....go to hell..I'm tired of dealing with you

MarkNytshd: ...been there done that...

Mr Grimm95: My magic is far superior to yours.

Mr Grimm95: It is unfair if we continue.

Mr Grimm95: Besides...I still have to deal with Emukina

XNytWyndX: ::nods to mplove:: anything i can do for you?

MarkNytshd: sure it is buddy...::reaches out for the tiny IGNORE button::

Mr Grimm95: come her, doll, heheheheheheheh

MakoEyes13: ::looks at Grimm::

Chibi Al: Hey, Grimm.. you owe me four thousand gold..

MakoEyes13: What are you tryin' to do..?

MpLoVe45: ::smiles:: yeah I have to have my belly button repeirced

MarkNytshd: ((hes a newbie....))

Mr Grimm95: ::appruches Emukina::

Mr Grimm95: ::grabs her face and kiss her on the lips::

Chibi Al: Hey! You owe me four thousand gold pieces, man!

Mr Grimm95: kisses rather

MakoEyes13: ?! ::shoves him back::

MarkNytshd: ((and a moder might I add...))

XNytWyndX: ::stands up from her bar stool:: sure, have a seat and i'll pierce that for you..

MakoEyes13: What was that for?!

Mr Grimm95: I got want I wanted..hahahaha

Mr Grimm95: ::disappears::

Chibi Al: You put a hole in the ceiling the size of toledo!!

Chibi Al: HEY!!

Chibi Al: Gimme my money!

Mr Grimm95: ::reappears::

Mr Grimm95: Al, can I give you an IOU?

MpLoVe45: thanks ::sits::

Chibi Al: No!

XNytWyndX: ::takes out a new needle and a hoop::

MpLoVe45: ::watches a bunch of idiots argue::

Mr Grimm95: but I don't have enough gold

OnlineHost: “HyPeR4iTz7” has entered the room.

XNytWyndX: ::glances over at grimm and laughs::

Chibi Al: You should have thought of that BEFORE you put a hole in the ceiling!

Mr Grimm95: ::glances back and pities::

Mr Grimm95: it was my dragon

XNytWyndX: ::shakes her head, still laughing:: this is too funny..

Mr Grimm95: and where is he?

Mr Grimm95: oh no..

Chibi Al: If you've got such great magic, why don't you just MAKE some money?

Mr Grimm95: ummm...Al...I have some bad news

Chibi Al: Conterfeit laws haven't been invented, yet! It's legal to do that!

XNytWyndX: ::looks back at mplove:: alrighty, you ready?

MarkNytshd: ::goes over to Emu::

Chibi Al: "counterfeit"

MpLoVe45: yep

Mr Grimm95: my dragon, Bahamut, kinda of got sick and threw up all over your stools on the far side of t

MakoEyes13: ::sits back down and looks up at Mark::

Mr Grimm95: sorry about that, friend.

OnlineHost: “FF7Stanton” has entered the room.

MarkNytshd: this is how work is every day..?

Chibi Al: Clean it up!

MakoEyes13: ::laughs::

Mr Grimm95: I'll use magic

Mr Grimm95: hold on

Mr Grimm95: ::checking spells::

Chibi Al: Fix the roof, too!

XNytWyndX: ::sticks the needle through her bellybutton::

FF7Stanton: :::Walks in:::

Mr Grimm95: Paradox magic will work..but it might destory the wood on the bar.

XNytWyndX: ::picks up the hoop and puts it in::

Mr Grimm95: oh well..I'l; give it a try

Chibi Al: The bar's made of stone.

Mr Grimm95: the top is wood though

Chibi Al: No, it's stone.

MarkNytshd: well...I'm going...I dont seem to fit in here very well...

Mr Grimm95: then why is it brown?


Mr Grimm95: yes, Mark, you leave you coward

Mr Grimm95: oh

MakoEyes13: I'm sorry, mun's laughing her ass off..

Mr Grimm95: ok then

MpLoVe45: ::laughs::

Chibi Al: Just fix everything, dammit!!

Mr Grimm95: By the power within me...I summon ::PARADOX::

Mr Grimm95: ::room ingites with glowing light::

MarkNytshd: ::is ignoring Grimm by the way...::

Mr Grimm95: ::streaks move in all directions::

Mr Grimm95: ::light fades down::

MakoEyes13: I'll be back at the house later..

Chibi Al: ((Don't worry, Mark. I'm saving all this. I'll send you a copy!))

Mr Grimm95: ::revealing a spotless bar::

Mr Grimm95: IT WORKED!!!!!

XNytWyndX: ::looks back at mplove:: there you go, all done..

MakoEyes13: ((::laughs:: You are??))

Mr Grimm95: now for the celing

Chibi Al: ((Always.))

MpLoVe45: thanks how much will it be?

MarkNytshd: just seem too busy to really be with me right now..

MakoEyes13: ((::grins::))

XNytWyndX: 10 gp.

Mr Grimm95: I can't do the ceiling, Al

Mr Grimm95: sorry


MpLoVe45: ::hands her the gp's and stands::

MpLoVe45: thanks

Mr Grimm95: how?

MakoEyes13: I do too..

Mr Grimm95: my magic is powerful

Chibi Al: Or gimme two thousand gold!

XNytWyndX: ::smiles:: no problem..

MpLoVe45: ta ta folks

MpLoVe45: ::walks out::

Mr Grimm95: but nothing that makes a celing is in my spell book

XNytWyndX: ::sits back down at the bar::

Mr Grimm95: I can make things float up to you like pieces of wood if u want to build it

Mr Grimm95: I'm too lazy to do it myself.

XNytWyndX: ::takes another handful of popcorn::

Chibi Al: Then use your useless spellbook to make money, and just gimme 2 thousand gold.

Mr Grimm95: popcorn is invented yet!

MarkNytshd: ...I dunno...I'm just screwed up...

Mr Grimm95: only us sages of time know of popcorn!

Mr Grimm95: I can't make money

Chibi Al: Why? Counterfeit laws haven't been invented, yet..

XNytWyndX: ::looks at a piece of popcorn:: this.. isn't invented yet?

Mr Grimm95: my power is not in that field

MakoEyes13: It's just hectic here now..and mun is distracted..

Mr Grimm95: wait//maybe I can

Mr Grimm95: I need something first

Mr Grimm95: Emukina

Mr Grimm95: ::approuches Emukina::

MarkNytshd: ...nah..I'm just too screwed up for anything anymore...

Chibi Al: ::sighs::

Mr Grimm95: ::glares into her eyes::

Mr Grimm95: ::uses seducing materia::

XNytWyndX: ::shakes her head:: this is getting old fast..

Chibi Al: Dammit, grimm.. Just gimme ten bucks!

Mr Grimm95: Now, Emukina, let go...

Chibi Al: I can fix the ceiling with ten bucks.

Mr Grimm95: ..u cannot resist my magic..

Chibi Al: Grimm.. um..

Mr Grimm95: give in

Chibi Al: Emukina's impervious to magic..

Mr Grimm95: :;glares deeper::

MarkNytshd: ::laughs at the newbie/moder:: this is getting rediculous...

Mr Grimm95: Emukina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make you my wife!

Chibi Al: You're gonna get your face bashed in, in a second..

Mr Grimm95: So that you can build the roof for me

MakoEyes13: ::sighs and shoves Grimm away::

MakoEyes13: My lord, what's with you?

MarkNytshd: ((just ignore the friggin newbie...))

MakoEyes13: ((half of me is..))

Mr Grimm95: ::summons all the powers of Materia::

OnlineHost: “GargouilIe” has entered the room.

Mr Grimm95: ::glares with the most powerful magic into Emukina's eyes""

Chibi Al: Gahd Dammit, Grimm.. I'll fix the frickin' ceiling..


MarkNytshd: ((::finally decides to hit the ignore button next to grimms name::))

Mr Grimm95: on one condition

Chibi Al: What's that?

Mr Grimm95: U're a part time priest...We Emukina and I.

Mr Grimm95: Wed rather

MarkNytshd: ...well I'm going...

Mr Grimm95: We will be married now

GargouilIe: ::She steps inside quietly, RhyDin's shadows and miserys hugging at her ankles::

XNytWyndX: ::laughs:: and that's really gonna happen..

Mr Grimm95: And you shall be the preist

Chibi Al: I'm a part-time priest?

MakoEyes13: I'll be at the house later..::glances around the room::

Mr Grimm95: yes..and u have the power to Wed two individuals

MarkNytshd: ...yah...

Chibi Al: ::looks at Wynd:: When did this happen?

Mr Grimm95: ::grabs Emukina's arm::

MarkNytshd: ::turns to the door::

Mr Grimm95: it

XNytWyndX: ::shrugs:: beats me..

MakoEyes13: Really Grimm? Then how about me and Mark get married?

Mr Grimm95: Mark is a cowatd

MakoEyes13: ::jogs after Mark::

Mr Grimm95: marry me

MakoEyes13: ::skids to a stop in front of him::

Mr Grimm95: and you will be powerful

MarkNytshd: ::stops::

Mr Grimm95: ::holds her arm firmly::

MakoEyes13: ::gives him a hug:: I'll seeyas later then..

GargouilIe: ::Seeing she has no place her, she turns and steps back out the way she came::

Mr Grimm95: quick, Al..START THE CEREMONY

Chibi Al: I'M NOT A PRIEST!!

GargouilIe: ::Thinking it's a strange place to get married in::

Mr Grimm95: yes u r

Chibi Al: I am not!

MarkNytshd: ::nods:: ok...

Mr Grimm95: DO IT!!!!

MakoEyes13: And I'll be around later

Chibi Al: I'm a minister.

XNytWyndX: ::laughs:: according to him you're a priest..


Chibi Al: Just.. gimme my ten bucks.

XNytWyndX: he can destroy the bar, but can't fix the ceiling.. ::laughs:: i just don't understand it..

MarkNytshd: ::vanishes in a whirlwind of fire::

MakoEyes13: ::goes back to her seat at the bar::

Mr Grimm95: :;grabs her arm::



MakoEyes13: ::laughs hystarically as Al yells::


Mr Grimm95: HER!!!

Mr Grimm95: THAT'S IT'

XNytWyndX: ::laughs::


Chibi Al: Grimm.. Just gimme my ten bucks.


Chibi Al: "realm"

XNytWyndX: grimm.. stop.. my stomach hurts from laughing so much.


Chibi Al: "command"


MakoEyes13: ::keeps laughing::


Mr Grimm95: AS R U

Mr Grimm95: NOW!

Chibi Al: "are you"

Mr Grimm95: Emukina

Chibi Al: "your"

MakoEyes13: ::laughs harder as Al corrects Grimm::


Chibi Al: "marry"

XNytWyndX: ::continues to laugh::

MakoEyes13: ::falls off the bar stool and drops her her knees, laughing uncontrolably::


Mr Grimm95: MAGIC

Mr Grimm95: 'SO HUCH

Mr Grimm95: HUSHC

Chibi Al: What the hell?

XNytWyndX: ::laughs harder::

Mr Grimm95: HUSHC

Mr Grimm95: HUSH

Chibi Al: I don't even know what he's saying, there..

Mr Grimm95: I CAN'T SPELL

Mr Grimm95: GODS WHY?

MakoEyes13: ((ROFLMAO!!!))


Chibi Al: "you"


XNytWyndX: i.. can't.. take.. much.. more.. of... this...

OnlineHost: “Ska980” has entered the room.

Mr Grimm95: MY CHI IS BAD

Mr Grimm95: OKONKWO!!!!!!!!

Mr Grimm95: KISS ME!!!!!!!!!!

Chibi Al: Your chi is bad, yet your magic is good?

MakoEyes13: ::curls over, still laughing::


XNytWyndX: jeeeeeez grimm, do you need to scream everything?

Mr Grimm95: Emukina

Mr Grimm95: SHE MUST

Chibi Al: They, uh, kinda go hand-in-hand, buddy..

MakoEyes13: Hey look, my name wasn't yelled..

Mr Grimm95: my chi is good

XNytWyndX: ::laughs::

Mr Grimm95: my magicis good

Mr Grimm95: when a man says does his chi

MakoEyes13: ((Nice cousin..!!))

Chibi Al: "Your kung-fu is good!"

Chibi Al: ((Obscure video game reference, there. Tell me the game, and win a..


Chibi Al: ))

MakoEyes13: ((Dun dun dunn..lemme think..))



Chibi Al: Dammit, Grimm..

MakoEyes13: ((Don't know..))



Chibi Al: Emukina can't be won over by magic.


Chibi Al: I already tried that.


Mr Grimm95: I WANTED APPLE PIE!!!!!!

XNytWyndX: jeeez. my stomach hurts from laughing, i'll get a headache from the screaming..

Mr Grimm95: I NEVER GOT IT!!!

MakoEyes13: ::raises an eyebrow at Al::


Mr Grimm95: MARRY ME Emukina OR i WILL KILL THE WORLD!!!

Chibi Al: ::looks at Mousse with a "play along" look::


XNytWyndX: ::laughs::


Chibi Al: "deserve"

XNytWyndX: GRIMM! enough with the screaming!

Mr Grimm95: NO..DESERT

Mr Grimm95: I WANT DESRT

Chibi Al: "dessert"



Mr Grimm95: WANT

Ska980: any girls here have there bellybutton pierced


Mr Grimm95: ME CAN'T TALK

Mr Grimm95: GODS

Chibi Al: Chill out, dude. ::dumps ice water on Grimm::

Mr Grimm95: CHI

Mr Grimm95: I KILL THEE

Mr Grimm95: ARRRRRGH

Mr Grimm95: ok..I'm done

XNytWyndX: ::looks at the "ignore" button:: very tempting..

Mr Grimm95: ...

Chibi Al: Can I have my ten bucks, now?

Mr Grimm95: so how is everyone today?

MakoEyes13: ::pulls herself up and sits down at the bar stool again::

Mr Grimm95: sure, Al

Mr Grimm95: :;hands ten bucks::

Chibi Al: Now?

Chibi Al: Thanks.

Mr Grimm95: Ummmm....Al

Chibi Al: ::points at the ceiling, and it's fixed!::

Chibi Al: ::puts the ten bucks in the cash register:: Yeah?

Mr Grimm95: you think you could try and make an apple pie?

XNytWyndX: ::laughs::

Chibi Al: Sorry. Pie store is down the street.

Mr Grimm95: it's closed

Chibi Al: Nah, it's open.

Chibi Al: I was in there, just before I opened up.

Mr Grimm95: is it? sweet mother of mercy

Chibi Al: I had me some sweet lemon merengue pie.

Mr Grimm95: I'll be back in a sec..

Mr Grimm95: ::exits::

Chibi Al: Take your time!

MakoEyes13: ((..are all your relatives like that? ^_^))

XNytWyndX: ((i feel bad for you if they are..))

Chibi Al: ((Fortunately, no.))

Chibi Al: ((He, uh, hasn't left yet.))

Mr Grimm95: ::I'm back::

OnlineHost: “NiteMckeen” has entered the room.

Chibi Al: ((He's not usually like that, either.. ::shrugs::))

Mr Grimm95: and I saw what you said

Mr Grimm95: that was very mean

Chibi Al: I didn't say anything!

Mr Grimm95: I just had two IBC cream sodas (in real life) so go easy

MakoEyes13: Wha'd we say?!

NiteMckeen: ~~pulls up in his hummer as the engine roars and he screeches to a stop~~

Mr Grimm95: ((i feel bad for you if they are..))

Mr Grimm95: ((..are all your relatives like that? ^_^)

Mr Grimm95: I was kidding, people

Chibi Al: I didn't say any of that..

Mr Grimm95: ya know...a joke?

Mr Grimm95: I'm not talking to you, Andy

Mr Grimm95: geez.

MakoEyes13: ::hears the screech::

Mr Grimm95: I'm talking to them.

XNytWyndX: me?

Chibi Al: Uh.

MakoEyes13: Me?

Mr Grimm95: I was playing along the role playng game.

Mr Grimm95: isn' that what we started doing?

Chibi Al: Yeah.. you punks.

XNytWyndX: ::looks at em:: what'd we say?

NiteMckeen: ~~kops out and walks in~~

MakoEyes13: ::looks at Wynd:: I think we said..hi? Well that was a long time ago..

NiteMckeen: ~~heads towards the counter~~

Chibi Al: ::to Nite:: Hi. Can I help you?

Mr Grimm95:

MakoEyes13: ::looks at Nite also::

Mr Grimm95: It was a game people..geez.

Mr Grimm95: forgot the comma

Chibi Al: ((What he's saying is that you two were assuming that his character and his RL persona were

NiteMckeen: yes i want my cartirledge pierced

Chibi Al: one and the same. Which they aren't.))

MakoEyes13: ((Ohh..I think..))

Chibi Al: Ooh. You'd have to see Wynd about a piercing.

Mr Grimm95: thanks you, Chibi, that about sums it up.

NiteMckeen: do you do tattoos?

MakoEyes13: Tha'd be my job, Nite

Chibi Al: Mako does the tattoos.

Chibi Al: I just serve the drinks!

Mr Grimm95: I'm going to kill Jose..this is going to use all my ink.

NiteMckeen: ~~walks to mako~~ok i want a tattoo

MakoEyes13: And..


Chibi Al: Dun dun dunn..

MakoEyes13: ::nods and picks up her bag:: Sure

MakoEyes13: Name's Emukina too, you can just call me Em.

Chibi Al: ::walks into the back room briefly:: ((brb))

NiteMckeen: i want a bleading rose on my arm

Mr Grimm95: ?

NiteMckeen: im lance.....em

Mr Grimm95: ooookay

MakoEyes13: A bleeding rose on yer arm..okay, sit down

NiteMckeen: ~~sits down and looks around~~

MakoEyes13: What color is the rose?

Mr Grimm95: red

MakoEyes13: ::rolls up his sleeve::

MakoEyes13: Stem or no?

Mr Grimm95: stem

MakoEyes13: ::sets her backpack down::

NiteMckeen: well i already have a black rose so make this white with a stem

MakoEyes13: Thornes, right?

MakoEyes13: ::nods:: White rose

NiteMckeen: yes

MakoEyes13: ::pulls out a few needles::

Mr Grimm95: no thorns!

MakoEyes13: ::lays them out::

MakoEyes13: ::cleans the skin on his arm off::

Mr Grimm95: :;yawn::

MakoEyes13: About how big?

MakoEyes13: ::brushes a strand of pink hair away from her face as she picks up a neddle::

NiteMckeen: not too big

NiteMckeen: just a little smaller than a real rose

MakoEyes13: ::fills the needle with a greyish-blackish-white?::

Mr Grimm95: big

MakoEyes13: ::nods once:: Okays

NiteMckeen: ((just white))

MakoEyes13: ::kneels down so she's eye level with his arm::

MakoEyes13: ((yeah for the outline tho ^_^ brb))

Mr Grimm95: the game is over, ya know

OnlineHost: “Its Sol” has entered the room.

MakoEyes13: ((back))

Chibi Al: ::walks back out:: ((bak))

Chibi Al: ((WB!))

MakoEyes13: ((ty..crap..))

MakoEyes13: ((::freezes::))

NiteMckeen: ~~thinks of the recent events and lets out a silent,deep demonic growl~~

Mr Grimm95:

MakoEyes13: ((I'm in trouble, I think))

Mr Grimm95: I gotta get going

OnlineHost: “ShyGal1o1” has entered the room.

OnlineHost: “Durii” has entered the room.

Chibi Al: See ya, Grimm.

Durii: ::skips in the door::

Mr Grimm95: see ya

Mr Grimm95: *goodbye*

NiteMckeen: ~~waites~~

Mr Grimm95: ::EXIT GRIMM::

MakoEyes13: ::raises the needle::

MakoEyes13: ::begins to sketch the outline of the rose::

Durii: ::looks around:: who owns this place?

Chibi Al: ::falls over laughing, now that Grimm's gone::

NiteMckeen: ~~remaines silent as he thinks~~

MakoEyes13: ::continues the outline:: Are you alright?

MakoEyes13: You seem kinda bothered

MakoEyes13: ::completes the petals::

Chibi Al: ::stands up, barely able to keep himself from falling over again in laughter::

XNytWyndX: ::laughs:: al, that was the most excitement this place has had in a while..

NiteMckeen: no.....not really........thats why i need this keep my mind off something

Chibi Al: ::nods::

MakoEyes13: ::picks up another needle and fills it with dark green::

Durii: ::pulls her blue hair back into a ponytail and looks at Chibi::

MakoEyes13: ::grins at Al and Wynd::