How much hairspray does this guy go through in a week?
Birthplace USA
Height 6'4"
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond
Fighting style Special Forces
Allies Charlie Nash, Chun-Li, Ken Masters
Rivals M. Bison
Debut Street Fighter II, 1991
Live-Action actor(s) Jean-Claude Van Damme

Official CanonEdit

Guile wants to bring M. Bison's reign of terror to an end, because Bison killed Guile's best friend, Charlie Nash. The jerk.

Guile is married to a lovely woman named Julia, who is the sister to Eliza Masters, wife of Ken Masters. That makes Guile and Ken brothers-in-law, but they don't like to talk about it, as Guile thinks Ken is a spoiled rich kid.

Guile also has a daughter named Amy.

On PsychoAndy.comEdit

Guile participated in the first Heir to the Throne tournament, 2D Fighters. He was eliminated in the first round by Gambit.


  • For several years after being portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme in Street Fighter: The Movie, the video game version of Guile had a thick, indistinguishable accent. This may have been a nod to Van Damme's role on the part of Capcom. Guile finally had the voice of a stereotypical badass American soldier with the release of Street Fighter IV.
  • In the Street Fighter live-action movie and the Street Fighter USA cartoon, Guile's full name is William Francis Guile, and he has the rank of colonel. In the video games, Guile's full name is unrevealed, and as of SFIV, he is only a Major.

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