Backstage with Kay at IZW

Hollywood Yates -- (born February 28, 1970, as Don Yates, in Phoenix, AZ) is an independent wrestler, bullfighter, singer, and actor from Arizona, best known for his work on American Gladiators as Gladiator Wolf.

Inspired greatly by Elvis, especially in how one man could capture people's attention worldwide, Hollywood started in the entertainment industry at the age of 7. His grandfather owned several seedy nightclubs at the time, so Hollywood performed every chance he could by singing songs from Michael Jackson, Donny Osmond, Chuck Berry, Kenny Rodgers, Alabama, and others (of course, including Elvis). Meeting mayors, governors, and other influential professionals in these "questionable" environments showed him everybody has a little outlaw in them and it likes to have fun. Through this upbringing, he also learned about the networking that goes on in business.

During his 23 years on the professional rodeo circuit as a bullfighter and rodeo clown, Hollywood Yates was THE most recognized bullfighter as a 2-time NFR Wrangler bullfights finalist, 1-time NFR Wrangler bullfights Barrel man, 2-time BRO World Champion Bullfighter, 3-time Salinas Bullfight Champion, 3-time Ellensburg Bullfight Champion, 4-time FT. Madison Bullfight Champion with another 30 titles to his credits as well.

His pro wrestling career intertwined with his stint on "American Gladiators," but he was a very prolific competitor in California and Arizona in 2000 and thereafter, making TV appearances in WWE sparringly. While Kay was working with IZW, he talked extensively and frequently with Hollywood Yates about his career, his character, and his style of wrestling. Hollywood knew how influential writers are in portraying wrestlers correctly, so he took time to make sure Kay understood his character when writing the recaps of shows and press for upcoming events.

More recently, Hollywood Yates has returned to his roots by recording a country album, which has received press on CMT and in country magazines. While having a night out with his wife Shari, Hollywood got to see Jeordie perform at Half Moon Grill, where Kay introduced them. He expressed interest in writing with Jeordie, so he could become a "mix-in" performer with her Mixology Project in the near future.

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