"Home Movies" was a modern animated sitcom created by Brendon Small and Loren Bouchard for United Paramount Network (UPN). The show debuted in April 1999, but it was canceled after the first five episodes. The sixth episode aired on Cartoon Network in September 2001, where it continued as a part of its Adult Swim line-up until "Home Movies" finished its fourth and final season in April 2004. Intended for mature audiences, the show is dialogue-driven with the bulk of its episodes coming from improv by the cast. The main characters are three 8-year-olds named Brendon Small (voiced by the creator and head writer of the same name), Melissa Robbins (voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky) and Jason Penopolis (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) that make short films in their spare time.

Just like "Dr. Katz" (for which Robbins and Benjamin also worked), "Home Movies" featured Squigglevision for its first season, but it later dropped the method in favor of a more unique style. All four seasons are currently available on DVD.

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