Honky Tonk Man -- (born January 25, 1953, as Roy Wayne Ferris, in Memphis, TN) is a semi-retired professional wrestler, best known for his work in the World Wrestling Federation as the "greatest" (longest-reigning) WWF Intercontinental champion of all time. Wrestling mostly under an "Elvis impersonator" gimmick, he is one of the most successful gimmicks in the history of pro wrestling (second only to Undertaker and arguably few others). He still works in-ring matches and autograph sessions across the independent wrestling scene.

Honky Tonk Man entered the WWF in September 1986, originally as a fan favorite, but the fans did not support him so he hired Col. Jimmy Hart as his manager and feuded with Jake The Snake Roberts, which solidified him as a heel. Honky Tonk pinned Roberts at WrestleMania III, and then upset Ricky The Dragon Steamboat for the WWF Intercontinental championship in June 1987. His reign lasted a record-breaking 14 months, 27 days, during which time he turned back challenges from Roberts, George The Animal Steele, Randy Macho Man Savage, Brutus The Barber Beefcake, and others. He lost the title at the inaugural SummerSlam when mystery opponent Ultimate Warrior (substituting for Beefcake) pinned him in only 31 seconds.

After losing the championship, Honky Tonk Man remained in the WWF for the next several years, often teaming up with Greg The Hammer Valentine since both men were under the guidance of Jimmy Hart. After several months of a loose partnership, they wrestled primarily in the tag division under the team name of "Rhythm & Blues."

Honky Tonk Man moved into a color commentary role for WWF-TV broadcasts before he left the WWF. After a failed stint in World Championship Wrestling (Eric Bischoff claimed Honky Tonk held up his first pay-per-view for more money, but Bischoff fired him on the spot), Honky returned to the WWF where he worked color commentary and as a manager in pursuit of "the next greatest Intercontinental champion." He selected Billy Gunn, redubbed him as "Rockabilly," and they feuded with "Road Dogg" Jesse Jammess. Eventually, Gunn and Road Dogg teamed on an episode of Shotgun Saturday Night as a punishment, but the two clicked so well that the WWF kept them together. The following week, the future New Age Outlaws fired Honky Tonk Man as their manager.

In September 2007, Honky Tonk Man headlined Edward Motley's first wrestling event as a ring announcer. He teamed with Navajo Warrior against Jerry Grey & Doink The Clown in Acoma, NM, but Honky Tonk turned on Navajo during the match for the briefcase full of cash that Jerry Grey had offered him. The Native American crowd booed Honky Tonk relentlessly by showering him with debris, almost identical to the July 1996 crowd reaction to Hulk Hogan's heel turn at Bash at the Beach.

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