Post-05 Championship Belt

The IZW Heavyweight championship is the primary title in contention with Impact Zone Wrestling. From the end of 2006 through April 2008, the title was known as the "IZW World championship" until IZW joined the ranks of the National Wrestling Alliance on May 1st, at which point the title reverted back to its name of "IZW Heavyweight championship."

Since inception, there have been 13 wrestlers to hold the championship title, including WWE Superstars like Mike Knox and A-Train.

Below is the official championship lineage:

  1. Mike Knox - first defense was against Frankie Kazarian on 7/17/02 at Bash on Ash.
  2. Navajo Warrior beat Mike Knox on 3/12/03 at Bash on Ash in Tempe.
  3. "Hawaiian Lion" John Williams beat Navajo Warrior on 8/30/03 at Pitic in Phoenix.
  4. Outlaw Mike Knox beat Hawaiian Lion on 2/3/04 at Pitic in Phoenix.
  5. Big Jack Bull beat Killer Chris Kole on 7/20/04 in the final round of a tournament at The Sets.
  6. "XXX" Lawrence Tyler beat Big Jack Bull on 12/07/04 at The Sets.
  7. "The Good Guy" Peter Goodman beat Lawrence Tyler on 12/21/04 at The Sets.
  8. Train beat Peter Goodman on 2/1/05 at The Sets.
  9. Lawrence Tyler beat Hawaiian Lion on 6/7/05 at The Sets.
  10. Hawaiian Lion was presented with the championship by Justin Roberts on 9/13/05 at The Sets.
  11. Lawrence Tyler defeated Hawaiian Lion on 12/20/05 at The Sets.
  12. Lionheart pinned Lawrence Tyler on 5/9/06 at The Sets.
  13. Cowboy Jack Durango beat Lionheart on 8/1/06 at The Sets.
  14. Lil' Nate defeated Cowboy Jack Durango on 11/8/06 at The Sets. On January 16, 2007, Lil' Nate beat Peter Goodman in a double title match at The Sets.
  15. Peter Goodman beat Lil' Nate, Hawaiian Lion, and Kazarian on 1/30/07 in a Fatal Four-way at The Sets.
  16. Hawaiian Lion beat Peter Goodman on 3/27/07 at The Sets.
  17. Lawrence Tyler beat Hawaiian Lion on 1/5/08 in a double title match at Broadway Rec. Center in Mesa, AZ.
  18. "The Institution" G. Q. Gallo beat Lawrence Tyler, Hawaiian Lion, Navajo Warrior, and Jay Garland on 7/15/08 in a five-way elimination match at The Sets.
  19. G. Q. Gallo beat Derick Neikirk on 3/10/09 in a TLC match at The Sets.
  20. "Feature Presentation" Jay Garland beat GQ Gallo on 4/7/09 at The Sets.
  21. "The East Coast Killa" Dean Radford beat Jay Garland on 5/19/09 at The Sets.
  22. Navajo Warrior beat Dean Radford on 11/20/09 at Holmes Elementary School in Mesa.
  • The championship was first vacated in June 2004 after a controversial finish in a title match between Mike Knox and Derrick Neikirk in which crooked official Jesse Hussein awarded the match to Neikirk, but IZW Commissioner C. C. Starr declared the title vacant. As a result, there was a tournament held to determine the new champion. The tournament saw Navajo Warrior beat Hawaiian Lion, Killer Chris Kole beat Lawrence Tyler, Big Jack Bull beat Cowboy Jack Durango, Mike Knox and Derick Neikirk wrestle to a draw, and Kole beat Navajo (Bull received a bye) before Bull beat Kole for the title.
  • On December 7, 2004, then-IZW Champion Big Jack Bull defended the title against Doink the Clown, but Lawrence Tyler entered the ring during the match dressed like Doink and pinned Bull to become champion. A precedent had been set when the Ballard Brothers beat Hollywood Yates & Hardcore Kidd for the IZW Tag Team Championship in 2003 under similar circumstances.
  • On June 7, 2005, Train failed to appear for a scheduled title defense against Lawrence Tyler. Since a title match had been advertised, Justin Roberts declared the title vacant and scheduled a battle royal in which the last two contenders wrestled for the vacant championship. Tyler and Hawaiian Lion were the last men in the ring.
  • On August 16, 2005, Johnny The Bull Stamboli pinned IZW Champion Lawrence Tyler in a title match, but because Stamboli was not an IZW wrestler, he could not be reigning champion, so he immediately surrendered the title to Justin Roberts. On September 13, 2005, Roberts presented the title to Hawaiian Lion as his hand-picked champion.
  • On May 9, 2006, Lucha Reigns was the scheduled challenger for IZW Champion Lawrence Tyler, but Lionheart posed as the masked luchador and pinned LT for the title. His title win was inconclusive for two weeks before the Board of Directors officially recognized Lionheart as champion. Several weeks beforehand, Justin Roberts intentionally humiliated Lionheart with a public firing for his blasting IZW and its fans in California.
  • On January 30, 2007, IZW Champion Lil' Nate defended the title in a four-way match with Peter Goodman, Hawaiian Lion, and Frankie Kazarian. Nate had Kazarian pinned before Peter Goodman covered Lion, but the referee inexplicably counted out Lion to rule in favor of Goodman.
  • On December 30, 2008, Derick Neikirk seemingly defeated GQ Gallo for the title after a controversial pinfall counted by a dazed Ryan Castellucci (even though Gallo's shoulder was clearly off the mat). Greg DeMarco announced Neikirk as the new champion without an official ruling, so the title was vacated on January 13, 2009, when Castellucci ruled the prior match a no-contest.

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