WWE Intercontinental

WWE Intercontinental Championship belt from 1998-2011


WWF Intercontinental Championship Belt design from 1985-1997

The WWE Intercontinental championship was created in 1979 as a secondary single title in the World Wrestling Federation. It was created when the WWWF North American championship and a mythical South American championship were merged in a legendary tournament in Rio de Janiero, Brazil (in this case, "legendary" means "strictly the stuff of 'legend'"). The championship became inactive in 2002 when it was unified with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the RAW brand, but the need for secondary singles championship became clear and the title was brought back into rotation in June 2003.

The following is a list of past WWE Intercontinental champions thru 2011:

Many of the above held the championship on numerous occassions (if the title was won under multiple names, the original name is followed by "aka" indication).

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