Is Not Is Too

Chris Hiatt's double CD cover

Is Not, Is Too was an independent double-CD album by Chris Hiatt, which later became self-titled. The songs were split between blues-inspired songs and non-blues songs to highlight Chris Hiatt's musical diversity. The CD was recorded and released in 2005 through Chris Hiatt Wreckerds as a Squirm Production. Additionally, the project was dedicated to the late Alan "Owen" Flowers.

The double album featured 19 tracks in total with Chris Hiatt on lead vocals and lead guitar, Chris "Crash" Klettke on drums and The Germ on bass.

"Is Not" track listing:
1. Next To My Woman
2. Won't You Go Away
3. Aqua Grande (instrumental)
4. Weigh Me Down
5. I'm Asking Why
6. You Weren't There
7. Outta The Chute (instrumental)
8. Difference Between
9. Song for Owen (instrumental)

"Is Too" track listing:
1. Understand
2. Rise Again
3. Play This Way
4. Sin City Jump (instrumental)
5. Day Blues
6. One O'Clock Girl
7. After Tonight
8. Thangs Together
9. Down the Hallway (instrumental)
10. Sho' Thang

Although the double album was eventually given an eponymous title, the discs are still labeled as Is Not and Is Too. "Is Too"had blues tracks and blues-influenced songs and "Is Not" had rock and non-blues songs. Chris Hiatt felt people were often split on whether he was strictly a blues musician or not, so this release was his way of addressing (if not, answering) the debate.

The Germ was the original replacement for Lance Elliot in 1998, but he left the band shortly after Chris "Crash" Klettke came on board for drums, but then, he eventually replaced Rich Alfano, and the three-piece unit of Hiatt, Crash, and Germ continued together until Chris Hiatt moved to Florida. Crash opted to follow him to Florida, and Germ stayed in Arizona.

This was the fourth album that Chris Hiatt recorded in 10 years, following Dreaming of Miranda, Catharsis, and The Ballad of Texas Floyd.

All songs and music were written by Chris Hiatt, except "Thangs Together" (written by Jerry Mergen).

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