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Performing with Jeordie in 2007

Jason Messer -- (born April 1979, in Cincinnati, OH) is a local guitarist in the Tempe area and he was the right-hand man for Jeordie for over seven years. They met at the Tempe Guitar Center in 2001 where Messer worked. Jeordie coaxed Jason into changing her strings, which was not a service offered by Guitar Center but the employees could do it in their spare time. Having a brand new pair of strings, Jeordie played a couple of her songs for Jason in the acoustic room, and Jason Messer quickly complemented her on lead guitar.

The magic was obvious, and Jeordie invited him to her gig that night which turned into a "trial by fire" debut performance for the duo. According to Messer, "we played, like, four hours -- I improved the whole night." Jeordie recalled, "it was awesome! It felt so natural; it just worked. It's so nice to have a partner who knows what they're doing on the songs." Although they used just two guitars and two microphones, Jeordie and Jason Messer proved they could outperform most local bands with a full lineup. In July 2005, they won a battle of the bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix.

In addition to backing Jeordie, Jason Messer wrote and recorded a handful of his own tracks, including "See Things Differently," which started becoming a staple at Jeordie's performances in 2005. In 2006, his original track "Condoleezza Rice is Really a Man" broke the Top 20 of Neil Young's chart for irreverent songs. The prophetic lyrics boasted, "Condoleezza Rice is really a dish best served cold / He don't have his opinions and does what he's told / Condoleezza Rice might run for President / I don't worry; Barack Obama is gonna represent."

Currently, Jason Messer heads up a local Valley band named Goetta (pronounced 'gedda') as the lead guitarist, lead singer, and lead songwriter.

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