Jeff Jarrett -- (born July 14, 1967, in Hendersonville, Tennessee) is a pro wrestler and promoter, best known for his work in the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, and Total Nonstop Action. In 2002, he founded TNA with his father and he still holds minority stock in the organization.

As a third-generation wrestler, Jarrett has held 70 championships in various promotions throughout his career, including 22 championships in WWE, WCW, and TNA, such as the NWA North American Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship and WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He was also the first six-time WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Jeff Jarrett gained his first national exposure around 1994 with the World Wrestling Federation, where he was presented as the self-proclaimed world's greatest singer with the simply philosophy of "Ain't I Great?" Great or not, Jarrett won the WWF Intercontinental championship in January 1995 (it was held up in March 1995, then he won and lost it in a couple of Canadian house shows in May 1995) and left the WWF in July 1995 after losing the championship to Shawn Michaels. Jarrett returned to the WWF briefly at the end of the year, but he left the WWF a couple months later.

Jeff Jarrett resurfaced in World Championship Wrestling in October 1996 as a free agent in the WCW/nWo storyline. He sided with the Four Horsemen and Ric Flair made him an official member of the faction in February 1997 (albeit, Arn Anderson disputes the claim). Jarrett won the WCW United States championship in June at the expense of fellow Horsemen Dean Malenko. Additionally, Jarrett took on Horseman Steve "Mongo" McMichael's wife Debra as his manager, but McMichael took his title in August.

In October 1997, Jeff Jarrett made the bold decision to move back to the WWF. He was immediately heralded as a game-changer in the Monday Night Wars but, after a failed attempt to lead an NWA invasion with James E. Cornette, he saddled back into his country singer gimmick (then, later he reverted to using Debra as a manager, despite the fact that he called her "a dumb blonde" in his returning shoot promo). After toiling in the mid-card, Jarrett won the WWF Tag Team Championship with Owen Hart in January 1999, Owen's final championship before his tragic death.

Eventually, Jarrett lost his cool in the WWF (which sounds weird, since he was never cool) and he adopted a new "Don't Piss Me Off!" philosophy. His new edge fit the WWF Attitude well, and Jarrett formed a solid friendship with Vince Russo backstage. Jarrett regained the WWF Intercontinental Championship in June 1999 (D'Lo Brown beat him for the title, then lost the title back to him in August 1999. After SummerSlam '99, he had a sexist crusade against the WWE Divas, leading to his dropping the I-C title to Chyna in a "Good Housekeeping match."

Finally, Jarrett jumped ship back to WCW (where Russo was now working) in October 1999, but his contract expired the day before his title match with Chyna. In a piece of Internet lure, Jarrett held up the WWF for more than a quarter of a million dollars to take part in that one match, and Vince McMahon was livid. Albeit, if logic prevailed, then that story would have had numerous holes in it since the title match went out of its way to make Jarrett look good, and the one match was not worth that amount of money. In recent interviews, Jarrett has said that the amount he was paid was what he was owed and he described that day's negotiations as "cordial and in good faith."

Back in WCW, Jeff Jarrett was billed as "The Chosen One." When WCW introduced the Bischoff-Russo regime, they vacated every championship in WCW and Jarrett was the first man to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship after the "reboot." In an obvious attempt to build up Jarrett's resume, he won the championship four times in six weeks (during which time David Arquette held the belt). In the remaining months of WCW's existence, Jarrett feuded with Booker T, Sting, and Dustin Rhodes.

Following the WWF/WCW merger, Jeff Jarrett worked overseas for World Wrestling All-Stars and he founded Total Nonstop Action in June 2002. Jarrett won his first NWA World Heavyweight Championship in November 2002, and that started the first of his reigns over the next several years.

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