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Jeordie on Mill, June 2009

Jeordie Melanie Schekeryk -- (born March 27, 1975, in Red Bank, NJ) is an independent singer-songwriter currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is the middle child and youngest daughter of folk legend Melanie Safka-Schekeryk.

Early careerEdit

Being a daughter of an internationally renowned musician, Jeordie has been performing her entire life, notching her first televised performance at age four on "The Joe Franklin Show" with older sister Leilah to promote their single "Grandma, We Love You," written toward the famed jazz singer Polly Safka (who was also addressed in Melanie's hit song "Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma").

The sisters formed folk band Safka and released "Foreign Film" (1995, CBT Records), followed by "About You" (1998, KAM Records) with younger brother Beau Jarred Schekeryk joining the band. Safka toured as a supporting act for Dido, Jewel, Indigo Girls, and Sade, and received a highly positive review in Billboard magazine.

Promo 2010

Jeordie's promo, late-2010

Southwest music careerEdit

Currently Jeordie is generating a growing base of listeners by remaining active in the Southwest music scene, often touring as a supporting act with her mother Melanie. In July 2000, Jeordie moved to Arizona, where she met Jason Messer at Guitar Center in 2001, and the two performed together through December 2008. Jeordie wrote, recorded, and released "Can I Ask You Something?" (2003, Learning Curve Records) which was her first studio album as a solo artist. In September 2006, Jeordie released "Bootlegs" (2006, Learning Curve Records), a live album featuring 21 original tracks recorded over a five-year span. Jeordie performs as often as four shows a week (sometimes more) and she is putting the finishing touches on her next studio album (the first from her Mixology Project) tentatively entitled "XO" (2011, Learning Curve Records).


Jeordie specializes in "poppy rocky Americana" folk music. Jeordie gives deep and friendly advice set to a sultry rock, melodic platform. Her style is a blend of modern pop themes and classic folk rock guitar. She has a catalog of music that ranges from upbeat and positive to introspective and melancholy carried by a distinct visual imageries from her lyrics, melodies, and rhythms.

The best part about Jeordie is that there is very little distinction between the person and the music. She does not just express herself through her songs, she becomes them. Jeordie has lived by the philosophy that has does not perform in front of strangers and every audience member is a friend of hers, and that belief comes through in her performances.

Career highlightsEdit

On July 27, 2005, Jeordie beat four other top local acts to win the Phoenix chapter of Sauza Tequila "All Summer Long" talent showcase contest. Each act was given 8 minutes to perform two original songs, and then a panel of celebrity judges determined the winner. The evening was hosted by Dee Snider, who also served as one of the celebrity judges. Jeordie performed "Breathe It All In" and "Big Fish" with Jason and percussionist Three Trees.

In September 2005, Jeordie was chosen as one of the founding musicians to establish e4 as Scottsdale's top nightclub. She hosted the "Easy Evening Eclectic Experience" on Sunday nights inside the Earth room for the first three months of the club's existence. Due to his proximity, Kay filmed many of these performances as Jeordie let loose and played hours upon hours of unrehearsed material. Ironically, Jeordie had written so many songs during the previous 12 months that several songs would have been lost to passing time without this footage.

In October 2005, Jeordie created "The Rounds," a local talent showcase which featured a musical variety of local songwriters and musicians, enabling them a unique opportunity to network amongst each other and listen to other local musicians. The Rounds started at Last Exit in Tempe, which hosted several installments. Since then Jeordie has simplified the concept and expanded its appeal by hosting a weekly Writer's Night (open mic) every week at Prankster's Too from September 2008 until June 2010. Currently, she hosts an Open Mic night at Catch 22 in Phoenix.

In 2007, Jeordie and Ashley Norton (another local female vocalist) formed "Harmony Drive," a side project for both girls where they could perform their own originals, as well as several covers. As the name suggested, their song selections were heavy on harmony. The girls appeared together on 3-TV, a Phoenix news channel, and they were invited to the main stages of Tempe Marketplace and Desert Ridge Marketplace. Often, they were backed by Vinyl Revival. After Jeordie and Ashley split ways, Jeordie and (another female songstress) performed for a short time under the same name before Jeordie dropped the project altogether.


Jeordie's band from 2009

On February 2, 2008, Jeordie performed at the Valley Ho resort for a special "Untapped, Unplugged" concert. She was also the first artist selected to be featured on the short-lived Internet series by 3-TV's Brad Perry reaching out to under-exposed Valley musicians. The February 2008 concert was particularly special since it was Super Bowl weekend, so numerous of celebrities were in attendance, including P. Diddy and Pamela Anderson.

In March 2009, Jeordie's sister Leilah earned a tryout for CMT's "Can You Duet?" and she picked Jeordie as her partner. Though the Safka sisters made it through the first round, they were dismissed in pre-production because happy family units don't make good television. According to an online blog Melanie wrote, she always doubted the integrity of these so-called "talent searches," due to their Roman-arena-spectator mentality. Noting the disgusting manners in which Jeordie and Leilah were treated, Melanie shamed Naomi Judd, hoping that "to give her the benefit of doubt, she had a lapse of decency."

Later in 2009, Jeordie started Jeordie & The Mixology Project in order to fill more "full band" bookings. The idea was to perform with other talented musicians/friends at different gigs to capture various musical styles and instruments, including a cellist and trumpeter. Although the core members of Jeordie, Dr. Mojo, Ivory James on guitar, and Chad MacDonald on bass are now established, they frequently welcome guest musicians (or substitutions) for many of their performances, including Beau Jarred Shekeryk.

Christmas Pudding 1

Jeordie @ Christmas Pudding

In December 2010, Jeordie & The Mixology Project were the overall winners in Alice Cooper's "Proof Is In The Pudding" contest. As a result, the six-person band were featured act on the 10th Annual Christmas Pudding concert where the group performed "Tonight's The Kind of Night," an extra special Christmas song written by Melanie. Unbeknownst to most of the audience, Melanie watched her children perform the song from backstage.

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