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John Morrison -- (born October 3, 1979, as John Randall Hennigan, in Los Angeles, CA) is a sports entertainer best known for his work in WWE. He previously performed under the ring name Johnny Nitro in a tag team known as MNM alongside Melina and Joey Mercury.

Before reaching the status of "WWE SuperStar," Morrison was a Season 3 participant in Tough Enough, which he co-won with Matt Cappotelli in 2003. Morrison has remained with WWE since that time, first as an apprentice to Eric Bischoff on RAW under the names "Johnny Blaze" and "Johnny Spade," prior to donning the surname "Nitro" in loyalty to Bischoff. Unfortunately, he lost his job to Bischoff's rival newphew Eugene Dinsmore and he disappeared from WWE-TV (although, he continued working in OVW).

In April 2005, MNM debuted on Smackdown, defeating WWE Tag Team champions Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio for the titles in their first match. They remained near the top of the Smackdown tag division until May 2006. Afterwards, Johnny Nitro moved back to RAW where he became WWE Intercontinental champion in June. In November, MNM reunited and the duo became a regular staple on the ECW brand before Johnny Nitro was officially drafted to ECW in June 2007.

Due to an unexpected booking shuffle, Johnny Nitro won the vacant ECW Championship at Vengeance: Night of Champions. In his first TV appearance as champion, he repackaged himself as "John Morrison." His first feud as John Morrison was against CM Punk over the title, which Morrison managed to keep away from Punk until September when Punk won it (additionally, Morrison was sidelined by a Wellness Policy suspension). Punk retained the championship at Survivor Series against Morrison & The Miz in a triple threat match, but the challengers collectively won the WWE Tag Team championship from partnered rivals Matt Hardy & MVP. Because the titles just came out of an uneasy partnership, Morrison & Miz inexplicably became cooperative teammates, despite the fact that both were set on winning the ECW Championship. Clearly, WWE Creative had minimal interest in either man, but their passion for the business won over WWE and the fans.

Together, Miz & Morrison had a segment on titled "The Dirt Sheet," which became a favorite amongst fans, although they managed to remain heels on television. The team was as impressive in the ring as they were on, but they split up shortly after WrestleMania XXV for unknown reasons. Both Miz and Morrison floated aimlessly through the single ranks for a few months, but once again, their passion earned them individual pushes.

John Morrison carved a niche for himself in "Falls Count Anywhere" matches, due to his gifted athletic abilities in the art of parkour. Recently, John Morrison has been utilized heavily in WWE, headlining pay-per-view events, reaching the finals of King of the Ring tournament, and even challenging The Miz in the first televised WWE match of 2011. His contract expired at the end of that year, and he chose to not re-sign.

John Morrison had a DVD released in 2009 entitled John Morrison: Rock Star, which was a single disc release and, as explained to Morrison, was WWE's attempt to rejuvenate the single disc releases since they had gone exclusively to two- or three-disc sets in recent years (aside from pay-per-view releases).

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