Wolverine doesn't stand a chance...
Real Name Cain Marko
Birthplace USA
Height over 7'
Weight over 900 lbs
Eye color Brown
Hair color Reddish-blonde
Fighting style Powerhouse
Allies Black Tom Cassidy
Rivals Professor X, X-Men, Hulk, Avengers etc.
Debut Uncanny X-Men #12, 1965
English voice actor(s) William H. Marshall (Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends), Patrick Pinney (Pryde of the X-Men), Rick Bennett (X-Men 90s Fox Kids series), Paul Dobson (X-Men Evolution), Tom Kenny (Super Hero Squad Show)
Live-Action actor(s) Vinnie Jones (X3: the Last Stand)

Don't you know who the fuck this is? It's the Juggernaut, bitch!

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