Juliette "Julia" Bovein is the 7th adopted daughter of Mike Bovein, and the sister to Janet, Bru, Marsha, Avril, Mayflower, Augusta, Amber, Tobi, Nova, Dodecahedron and Joanie Bovein, and Camilla Wight-Bovein.

Julia tends to space out and lose track of where she is. For most of High school, she dated X-Croc. Julia has the largest breasts of the Bovein sisters, a fact which her sister, Joanie, loves to exploit for personal gain.

Julia Bovein was co-created by Psycho Andy and Brandon A. Mayo.

The Bovein family is a parody of M. Bison and the Shadowloo Dolls in Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha series. Julia and Joanie are direct parodies of Juli and Juni.

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