Kaena enjoys AZ sunshine

Kaena Marie Ray (a.k.a. Princess, Kay Jr., Stinky, etc.) is the resident feline of the Ray Kitty Ranch. Amy bought her as a kitten from her vet's office on October 28, 2002, and the kitty's unique markings made her look like a freak, so her first name was adopted as a feminine variation of Kane (who was a proud freak in 2002). Her middle name was taken from Maria according to Kay, even though Maria did not appear on WWE-TV until well after Kaena was fully named (in reality, it came from Amy's maternal grandmother Marie Maria Kocian Frakes).

Kaena is highly affectionate with most human males but fearful of most human females, so when Kay first met her in August 2006, she was as demanding of attention as a spoiled princess, which soon adapted into the nickname "Princess."

Her nickname of "Kay Jr." started in 2008 when Kay amusingly told Kaena that she was named after him one day, which Amy vehemently denied (only to get trumped by the claim that Kay meant chronologically he was named first and then Kaena was named after him). To further disprove his own defense, he immediately referred to her as "Kay Jr." and the nickname stuck.

Kaena moved to Arizona with Amy and Jericho in September 2007 after living in Galesburg, Illinois for almost four years. They stayed in Mesa until March 2011 when they moved back home to Galesburg.

Kaena has been used as a feline ambassador for good will relations with Alison and her kittens but the self-serving Kaena has had no interest in bringing more cats inside her house, so those relations remained strained today.

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