As WWF Champion in 1998

Kane -- (born April 26, 1967, as Glenn Jacobs, in Madrid, Spain) is a pro wrestler and actor, best known in WWE as "The Big Red Machine" who is The Undertaker's half brother and Paul Bearer's son. Kane has held numerous championships, including the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Championship, and a 24-hour reign as the WWF champion in June 1998.

In July 1995 (his first appearances with the WWF), he was known as Isaac Yankem DDS. In September 1996, he became the Diesel character, a role he reprised after Kevin Nash left the WWF. Beyond a few pay-per-view appearances, neither character was very memorable, but in mid-1997, Paul Bearer announced to the world that Undertaker had a younger brother whom everyone had assumed had perished in a fire that killed their parents, and on October 5, 1997, Kane made his WWF debut, costing Taker a Hell in a Cell match against Shawn Michaels. Undertaker and Kane have had an on-again/off-again rivalry, not unlike other famous feuding brothers, starting in 1997 and (hopefully) concluding in 2010. Additionally, Kane had several WrestleMania Moments at the expense of Pete Rose during his first several years in the WWF.


Gorilla 3:16 did not end well

In 2002, Kane had one of his most un-/forgettable angles in which HHH dressed as Kane to simulate necrophilia with a doll that was supposedly Katie Vick, a girl Kane knew in high school who died tragically. The most redeeming part of the angle was when Michael Chiappetta wrote a book titled Journey into Darkness in 2005, which was way better than it had any rights to be, and it heavily featured Kane's relationship with Katie.
Whc kane

Kane as World Champion

On June 13, 2003, WWF Champion HHH beat Kane in a title-versus-mask match at Madison Square Garden, so Kane had to unmask for the first time. The change gave Kane a short-lived push, culminating in a rematch against Undertaker at WrestleMania XX. After Kane's career stalled again, he made his film debut as "Jacob Goodnight" in the first production of WWE Studios, See No Evil on May 19, 2006.

In July 2010, Kane won the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashed in the contract later that night to win the World Heavyweight championship from Rey Mysterio. This reign lasted two or three times longer than anyone expected, and Kane lost the title in December 2010 to Edge in a Fatal Four-way.

Contrary to his "hellfire and brimstone" motif, Kane's career has seen numerous cold streaks, during which time he often finds himself on the losing end to much smaller opponents or teaming with men like Big Show or The Hurricane to add a tag championship to his resume but it rarely furthers his career. Regardless, Kane has been one of the most loyal WWE employees of the past 10 years, earning a distinction of the most consecutive Royal Rumble appearances.

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