Kay has attended eight different WrestleMania events, starting in 2001. Below is a brief recap of each experience in his own words:

WrestleMania X-Seven: "When tickets went on sale, the big rumor in the dirt sheets was that this event would feature Shawn Michaels, my all-time favorite wrestler, return to face Triple H. Apparently, those rumors were genuine plans, because it was shortly after tickets went on sale that Shawn Michaels and Hunter had their blow-up and they didn't talk to each other for about 15 months. Anyway, I wasn't about to risk sitting at home watching on TV when I had the opportunity to be there live. I had just started my first full-time job with benefits and paid vacations and Houston was only a full day's drive, so the timing was perfect. I bought two tickets and my ex-roommate said he wanted to go, and the event fell at the beginning or the end of his Spring Break, so he was available. He brought some chick with him too, which I don't remember the full story there, and she wasn't a wrestling fan but she was a good sport and she was genuinely interested in going, so that was fun.

"The biggest thing I remember about this event was the fact that the night before we were stayed overnight in San Antonio, Texas, and I slept about 3-4 hours and then I couldn't sleep a wink thereafter. I don't know if I was just geared up for the experience; granted the anxiety of not knowing my way through Houston had a lot to do with it as well. It was definitely chaotic getting to the Astrodome, but it was well worth it. Then energy and the live vibe was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was basically everything I could have wanted, minus one person..."

WrestleMania XIX: "I bought tickets through a pre-sale and I paid about $45/each for two tickets that would have been valued at about $25 two weeks later. The important thing about this event was that all signs pointed to the fact that Shawn Michaels wasn't rumored to be wrestling, but rather, that he actually would be wrestling. I told anyone who listened to me that I wasn't going all the way out to Seattle to watch Shawn Michaels wrestle, I was going to see him win! I bought two tickets, but I went by myself. I figured I could sale the other ticket or find someone there who wanted to go. I spent the weekend, Friday through Monday afternoon, by msyelf in a city that I had never been before, but it was a LOT of fun. As it would turn out, this was the only WrestleMania trip that I did completely on my own. The restaurants at the piers were awesome, and it was a lot of fun to talk to total strangers in wrestling attire to find out their thoughts on the big matches. I learned that the match that most people were interested in was Austin/Rock so I just asked almost that match. The overwhelming consensus was that Austin would win. I cannot remember a single person who thought Rock would win, and even if there were one, it was a minority opinion in a larger group.

"The day of the show, I got to the venue about an hour before the show started and I managed to work a scalper really well to get a floor seat for my two seats. I remember he was wearing a Bruins jersey, so I like this story even more nowadays, but he offered both of my tickets plus $10 for his floor seat. The face value of my combined seats were $90 and the face value of his ticket was $100, so it was a fair trade. But I lied and told him that I didn't have cash, so he offered a straight trade. As it turned out his ticket was from a group of Canadians, who had sold it to him for $20. The Canadians were kinda strange, although they would definitely have said the same thing about me (the strangest thing about them is that I don't know why they were so put-off by me). Anyway, they had brought a lot of signs and a Canadian flag. One of the signs was horribly lame since it was yellow with black-print "Rock and Roll" on three lines. My first thought upon seeing that sign was "wow, that's lame! That's lame enough to get on TV. Oh hey, wait!" I got that sign on camera during Undertaker's entrance, which started during the Limp Bizkit performance.

"The highlight of the show was definitely the Shawn/Jericho match! When he won, I decided that I should go to every WrestleMania until he retired, since I thought it would only be about 2-3 more. The lowlight was the announcement that WrestleMania XX was going to be in Madison Square Garden. I had attended in Houston and Seattle because I knew tickets would be available. For a venue as small as MSG, I had my doubts."

WrestleMania XX: "This was the first event where I resorted to a travel package. I had asked a woman in the Seattle airport about her travel package, and then we stayed in touch throughout the year, so she basically sold me on the idea. It wasn't a good deal, but it was a great bargain since its accomodations were five-star across the board. Going from a Motel 6 to the Marriott Marquis is a huge step up. I flew into Detroit because I met a girl (friend of a friend) from Michigan who had never been to NYC and I didn't want to fly into that city alone. It was funny the contrast between the two years, whereas Seattle was pretty much all about WWE and everyone knew about the event, NYC was NYC. I had been there once before in May 2000, so seeing New York so close before and after the 9/11 tragedies was unique.

"When I went to NYC the first time, I wanted to tour MSG but we didn't have time and I remember saying how I wouldn't really want to go to MSG without watching a wrestling card anyway. How wise those words were! MSG made that event unto itself, especially the infamous Brock/Goldberg match. There were two people in the rafters (one was dressed as Hogan and the other dressed as Savage) and they started mock-fighting during the "We Want Hogan" chants. I think more people were watching them than watching the ring at that point.

"My only cameratime from that event was right before the introductions for the main event. The cameras were panning my side of the building, so I started waving to my future self in order to spot myself later. I forgot I had done that until the event came out on DVD, and I watched the entire event trying to sneak a peak of myself, and right before Shawn's music hit for the last match is the only time I was visible. I couldn't believe my luck, getting able to see Shawn Michaels in what I assumed would be his last main event match. Now, of course, that main event is known before for the iconic photos of Eddie & Benoit, both men at the peak of their careers in the twilight of their lives."

WrestleMania 21: LA, saw Lil' Nate, Justin Roberts.

WrestleMania 22: Chicago, met Amy.

WrestleMania 23: Detroit, great main event / largest crowd.

WrestleMania XXVI: Phoenix, best card / Blaze of Glory

WrestleMania XXVII: Atlanta, subpar event / To Be Continued.

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