Kayfabe Home Movies is the name of the personal library of footage owned by Ed The K Motley. It includes all of his VHS tapes of WWE, WCW, TNA, and other wrestling and MTV videos, as well as his Hi8 tapes of IZW wrestling and performances from Jeordie and The Caterwauls and memory cards for performances of Chris Hiatt, Jeordie & The Mixology Project, and Super Funk Allstars.

In July 2005, Kay purchased a Hi8 camcorder and VHS/DVD recorder which enabled him to start his own DVD collections out of this footage. In February 2010, Kay purchased a $40 camcorder which enabled him to expand his footage to YouTube.

Below is a list of some of the wrestling DVD's that Kay has compiled:

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWF, WCW, etc.) collections

Impact Zone Wrestling collections

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