Ken Masters
Art by Kinu Nishimura
Ken Masters
Birthplace USA
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black/Dyed blonde
Fighting style Ansatsuken
Allies Ryu, Guile, Gouken, Sean Matsuda, Sakura Kasugano
Rivals Sagat, M. Bison, Akuma
Debut Street Fighter I, 1987
English voice actor(s) Scott McNeill (USA Street Fighter cartoon)
Live-Action actor(s) Damien Chappa

Ken Masters is one of the main characters from Capcom's Street Fighter video game franchise.

Official CanonEdit

Ken Masters is hot shit. And not just because his hand can catch on fire.

Ken trained under Gouken with Ryu. He is arguably the second-greatest fighter in the world, after only Ryu. Ken is the undisputed USA martial arts champion, having won every non-Street Fighter tournament he's ever entered, raising the ire of such fighters as Allen Snider and Rufus.

After helping Ryu defeat M. Bison, Ken met a pretty girl named Eliza. The two quickly got involved, eventually becoming engaged. After the second World Warrior tournament, Eliza and Ken were married. Eventually, the two had a son named Mel, with whom Ken likes playing video games and teaching to fight.

Eliza is also the sister of Julia, the wife of Guile. That makes Guile and Ken brothers-in-law, but they don't like to talk about it, as Ken thinks Guile is a lame meathead of a soldier.

Ken also inspired Brazilian teenager Sean Matsuda to become a martial artist. Sean became enamored with Ken after watching him on TV, and Ken has begun to train the basketball-loving kid.

On PsychoAndy.comEdit

Ken Masters competed in the first Heir to the Throne tournament. In round 1, he defeated Mortal Kombat's Kabal. In round 2, Ken defeated fellow Street Fighter Chun-Li. Round 3 saw Ken defeat M. Bison. Round 4 saw Ken defeat his World Heroes analogue, Kotaro Fuuma. In Round 5, Ken defeated Zangief, and in round 6, Ken took down Fatal Fury's Joe Higashi. In round 7, Ken defeated King of Fighters' Ralf Jones to make it all the way to the finals! Early speculation was that Ken was going to win, but he was eventually toppled match-up by Terry Bogard, with a vote of 5-1.

So much for winning every non-Street Fighter tournament he's ever entered.

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