Kim Possible, seasons 1-3


Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat, Rufus


Kim Possible's season 4 redesign



Kim Possible is the name of a show from Disney, featuring its titular character, a girl who can "do anything."

The series focuses on teenage cheerleader daughter of a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, Kim Possible (voiced by Christy Carlson-Romano, who isn't important enough to warrant her own entry on the EnPsychoPedia), and her best friend, Ron Stoppable (voiced by Will Friedle, who absolute IS important enough to get his own article) as they attempt to save the world from evildoers and would-be world conquerors, while dealing with the dramas of high school.

Kim Possible features many recurring characters, including Kim's rival cheerleader, Bonnie Taylor; Kim's twin brothers, Jim and Tim Possible (whom Kim refers to as the "Tweebs," a portmanteau of "Twin Dweebs"); Kim's parents, rocket scientist Dr. Timothy James Possible and brain surgeon Dr. Ann Possible; Kim's boy-genius buddy, Wade (voiced by Taj Mowry); and Kim & Ron's eccentric teacher/phys ed coach, Mr. Barkin (Voiced by Patrick Warburton).

The first season attempted to give a goodly variety of villains, but two stole the show, and became Kim's arch-nemeses: Dr. Draken and Shego (pronounced "She-Go"). Andrew Draken was a former colleague of Kim's father, before a freak accident turned his skin blue and drove him insane. He recruited Shego as his assistant, and while Shego's happy to assist in taking over the world, she often throws out one-liners to grate on Draken's nerves.

After three seasons, a Kim Possible straight-to-video movie was produced, "Kim Possible: So the Drama." The success of the movie renewed the series for a fourth season, which concluded Kim and Ron's high school careers, and, as such, was a nice closing for the series.

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