Kyle Sonnenberg's Soundtracks

Kyle Sonnenberg -- (born September 26, 1977, in Waterton, Alberta, Canada) is an independent singer and songwriter currently residing in Tempe, Arizona. Throughout his career, Kyle has led numerous bands, including Super Funk Allstars, Caterwauls, DSFA, and Popular Discontent, in addition to his endeavors as a solo artist.

Kyle met his wife Raegan in 1995 while on Spring Break in Mexico, and after dating long distance, he moved to Arizona where the two were married on March 1, 2002. The couple welcomed its first child (son Benjamin) into the world on January 27, 2010.

Prior to moving to the United States, Kyle had recorded and released an album named "Claustrophobic" with an independent Canadian band named Popular Discontent. A few of the album's songs were later performed by the Caterwauls and Superfunk Allstars. Prior to the formation of the Caterwauls, Kyle recorded an album with an independent project named DSFA (or "Disco Super Funk Allstars"), featuring "Cat," "Vanity," "Surgery," and "Stonehead Guru," which were regularly performed by the Caterwauls.

In addition to performing songs from his existing library, Kyle wrote an additional two dozen tracks with the Caterwauls. Most of those songs were included on "Prescription Pill" and "Rozepedals," but an overflow of their songs were released on an album titled "Misguided," which was available for a short time in 2005.

Although the Caterwauls quietly disbanded in 2008, Kyle Sonnenberg wrote, recorded, and released a few more DIY albums at home over the next several months as a solo artist titled "Kyle Son," "On The Way," and "Soundtracks." In 2009, Kyle introduced a new band named Superfunk Allstars (dropping "Disco" from his prior project) which had its first performance in mid-August at Big Fish Pub in Tempe. The band released its first album in April 2010.

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