"XXX" Lawrence Tyler -- (not to be confused with NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor) was a four-time former-IZW Heavyweight champion for Impact Zone Wrestling.  According to a press junket, LT "made a career out of being the man that, like him or hate him, everybody loves to watch!"

Lawrence Tyler was the first NWA Arizona champion, defending the title for almost two years, bringing the title from Rising Phoenix Wrestling to IZW, and headlining the "Tradition Defined" event with a double title match against Hawaiian Lion.  LT won and reigned as a double champion for the next seven months before losing the titles in a Five-For-All elimination match.

LT won his first IZW championship against Big Jack Bull in December 2004, but he lost the title two weeks later to Peter Goodman in his first title defense.  LT regained the belt in June 2005, except a scheduled title match against Train was canceled when Train no-showed, and LT beat Lion for a vacant title when they were the last two survivors in a battle royal.  LT's third title reign started when he defeated Lion in December 2005, which lasted until May 2006 when he lost to Lionheart under controversial circumstances.

Additionally, Lawrence Tyler won the Best of IZW five-match series against Lil' Nate in late-2007.  LT was also the first Wrestler of the Year winner.  

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