Leonardo, New England, is the city in which Hawk & Croc takes place. It is a non descript town, which exists somewhere in New England, but nobody is quite sure exactly where. But it's definitely not the same Leonardo that appears in Kevin Smith movies. Nope, nuh-uh, no way, no how.

Current and former residents of Leonardo, New Jersey:

Dariaan Nighthawk


Fire Raven

Alli Grey

Jacky Nightblade

Biff J. Rockenheimen

Shadow Vulture

Black Falcon

Code Redd

Mr. Johnson

Ms. Cox

Coach Carnage

Gila Consuelos

Mike Bovein

Camilla Wight-Bovein

Julia Bovein

Joanie Bovein

Janet, Bru, Marsha, Avril, Mayflower, Augusta, Amber, Tobi, Nova, Dodecahedron

Wendy Greenspring

Erik Thiessen


and a whole bunch more...

Noteworthy places in Leonardo, New Jersey:

Hungry Wolf Pizza

24-Hour Arcade

Big Choice Video

Leonardo High School

North Leonardo High School

Apartment 36D

Apartment 2384

Leonardo Mall

The Cartoony Brick House