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Lil' Nate -- (born March 18, 1986, as Nate Nickerson) is an independent pro wrestler currently residing in Beverly Hills, California.  He was the youngest trainee to graduate from Ultimate University through Ultimate Pro Wrestling at the age of 16.

Early career and career highlightsEdit

Lil' Nate officially started his career with Ultimate Pro Wrestling in 2002.  His first full-length match was a victory over The Prototype.  In 2003, Roddy Piper invited him on the road for his book tour.  Upon completion of the tour, Lil' Nate made two appearance on The Piper's Pit, one of which was inside the ring during an anniversary event released on DVD and the other (filmed as a bonus feature on another DVD) saw him cross paths with Big Chris Mordetzsky).  Also, Lil' Nate defeated Joey Ryan and Matrix in a triple threat match in December 2002.  In another early UPW match, he teamed with Mike The Miz Mizanin for a tag match, also available on DVD.

In August 2004, Lil' Nate made his first in-ring appearance on WWE programming for a segment featuring Kane in which he was Gnat Hardy.  During WrestleMania weekend in April 2005, he was invited to an exclusive training session in which he got to work out with Fit Finlay and Ricky Steamboat.  His most noteable appearance on WWE was in August 2007 when he faced Mark Henry on Friday Night Smackdown!

California career highlightsEdit

On February 23, 2005, Lil' Nate won the UPW Lightweight championship from Frankie The Future Kazarian.  In July of that year, Kazarian served as a referee for a title defense against Davey Richards.  Although Nate won the match with the Afrodisiac, Kazarian floored him after the match as a measure of revenge.  Those actions made a rematch necessary, and in May 2006, Lil' Nate beat Kazarian again to retain his championship.  In October 2005, Lil' Nate beat Shawn Riddick to retain the UPW Lightweight championship during a special UPW/EWF Katrina Benefit show.

For the Alternative Wrestling Show promotion, Lil' Nate beat Lil' Cholo and Quicksilver in June 18, 2005, to win the AWS Cruiserweight championship.  A few months later, Quicksilver scored a non-title victory over Lil' Nate but Nate successfully retained the championship the following month in an official title defense.  Lil' Cholo ended the reign on March 18, 2006 (Nate's 20th birthday) when he beat Nate in a classic No-DQ match.

Arizona career highlightsEdit

Lil' Nate first appeared in the Arizona wrestling scene in September 2004 at Impact Zone Wrestling when he teamed up with Shane Ballard as Shane's bigger brother Samuel Drummond Ballard.  Four weeks later, he adopted his California ring name and teamed with Peter Goodman, defeating Ryan Lynch & Lucha Reigns (the match was unofficially voted Match of the Year on  Nate continued wrestling against Lynch and Lucha for the next several shows.

On February 1, 2005, Lil' Nate won his first championship in the business when he won the Western States championship.  Nate retained the championship for the next six months during which time, his stablemates Peter Goodman & Antonio Mestre won the IZW Tag Team championship belts.  Unfortuantely, in-fighting cost all three men their IZW championships, and a feud between Goodman and Nate developed.

Antonio Mestre sided with Peter Goodman, but Goodman caused Mestre to lose a singles match to Lil' Nate on September 27.  Two weeks later, Mestre and Nate had a rematch, billed as "The Respect-O Match," and Mestre gave Goodman the night off before he and Nate engaged in an Izzie Award-winning Match of the Year.  After Nate beat Mestre again, Mestre refused to show proper "respect" per the match stipulations, and he floored Nate with a roundhouse kick.  Those actions led the men to settle their differences in a 30-minute Iron Man match on November 8, 2005.  At the end of regulation, Mestre defeated Nate by a score of 4 falls to 3.

Shortly thereafter, Lil' Nate turned his attention back to Peter Goodman (who had beaten down Antonio Mestre for his perceived betrayal).  On December 6, 2005, Lil' Nate and Peter Goodman wrestled in a match that was six months in the making.  The two men battered each other for almost 20 minutes, before Goodman left the ringside area to give Nate a count-out victory.  Although Nate was the official winner, he was not satisfied with the verdict, and two weeks later, he and Goodman wrestled again in a Lumberjack match.  However, the match ended in a no-contest when Antonio Mestre entered the ring and attacked both men.

Afterwards, it was declared that all three men would meet in a triple threat match which was dubbed The Match of Matches.  It took place on January 3, 2006, and Lil' Nate won the match with a sunset flip to Mestre off the second rope, but nothing was settled, and Goodman challenged Mestre to a singles match, but Nate injected himself again, proposing that they raise the stakes and make it a Loser Leaves IZW match.  That match took place two weeks later, and it was marred by controversy and emotion.  Initially, Nate and Mestre forced Peter Goodman to submit, but it was determined that since both men had a hand in the submission that neither one could be declared the winner, so the match restarted.  Later, Goodman pinned Mestre to be declared the winner; however, the match was "loser" leaves town, and since Goodman was the winner, it was undetermined whether Nate or Mestre had to leave IZW.  As a result, those two finished their feud in a Sudden Death fall, which Nate won, thus forcing Mestre out of IZW.

Shortly thereafter, Lil' Nate regained the Western States championship when he defeated Mr. Showtyme in quick fashion.  Showtyme protested the match and invoked his rematch clause immediately, only to lose the rematch in quick fashion as well.  Showtyme immediately battered another rematch, this time pitting his career against Nate's new title.  This time, Showtyme won the match to regain the championship and he sidelined Nate in the process.

Outside of IZW, Lil' Nate wrestled for Western Alliance Entertainment, and on June 17, 2006, Lucha Reigns beat Nate to become the first WAE Cruiserweight champion.  Additionally, Lil' Nate headlined the inaugural Rising Phoenix Wrestling show in Mesa, Arizona, in a triple threat match against Hawaiian Lion and Human Tornado (Lion won).  Four months later, Nate, Lion, "XXX" Lawrence Tyler, and Scott Lost wrestled in an elimination Fatal Four-way to determine the first RPW American champion.  Lost and Lion eliminated each other and then LT beat Nate with help from Team POS.

Three nights after the RPW Fatal Four-way match, Lil' Nate wrestled Frankie The Future Kazarian for IZW in what was another Izzie Award-winning Match of the Year.  The match launched Nate into the main event picture, and he began pursuing then-IZW Champion Cowboy Jack Durango relentlessly.  On November 7, 2006, Lil' Nate defeated Durango to win the IZW Heavyweight championship and reach the top of IZW.  Not to be outdone, Peter Goodman attempted to rain on his parade, insisting that he had made the Western States championship more valuable than Nate's IZW championship.  The two renewed their rivalry, leading up to a title unification match on January 16, 2007, just one year after the Loser Leaves IZW match.  Nate beat Goodman to unify the championship belts, but in his first defense two weeks later, Goodman won the titles in a Fatal Four-way amongst Nate, Goodman, Lion, and Kazarian.

Lil' Nate returned to Impact Zone Wrestling in July 2007 to silence "XXX" Lawrence Tyler's claims that he had defeated everybody worth anything in IZW.  The two engaged in the "Best in IZW" five-match series, in which Nate quickly beat LT to win the first match.  The second match saw LT dominate the entire match, but Nate persevered and pulled out a victory to lead the series 2-0.  For the third match, Nate insisted on a dog collar match, but LT won the match by submission.  LT followed up that win with another in the fourth match before declaring that the fifth match would be Falls Count Anywhere.  In the final match of the series, LT pinned Nate with a highly controversial three-count.

On November 6, 2007, "The Modern Day Hippie" Lil' Nate was fined for a drug violation and he was later suspended for kicking ring announcer Johnny Roxx.  The fans began a grass-roots campaign to "Reinstate Nate," complete with Nate Appreciation Night on February 12, 2008.  During the show, Lil' Nate was in fact reinstated, and he teamed with Fearless Jack Bull to defeat Sexy Sonny Samson & Tommy Drake.  After the match, Samson challenged Nate to a singles match, which Nate obliged, but early into the match, Samson injured Nate's back with an awkward fall, and Nate was stretchered backstage.  Nate has yet to return to IZW.

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