Lily Rose

Lily as a 10-week-old puppy

Lily Rose Lewis (a.k.a. Carpet Dog) is the faithful companion of the Lewis household.  She is a full-blooded Labrador that Mal and her family got in June 2007 through the Trinity Labs Kennel in southeastern Ohio.  Her name was taken from her birth flower (May) and the flower for the month in which the family got her (June).  Ironically, Lily's grandmother was named Lilli.  Additionally, her mom's name was Gypsy and her dad's name was Zoom Zoom (all of whom were born through Trinity Labs).

Born in May 2007, Lily has already learned all the basic tricks of "sit," "lay down," "roll over," "stay," and "heel," most of which are essential for hunting.  Mal's dad is in the process of teaching Lily to hunt (following in the dogtracks of Ruby) and she is doing quite well.  Her favorite toy is a stuffed pheasant, which is a good sign.

Socially within her species, Lily enjoys the company of "fellow" labs Mud and Mazy (Fellows being the family surname), as well as Gracie (Mal's cousin's dog).

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