Psycho Andy's mom.

Linda was born in 1955 in Stoughton, Massachusetts. She was the first child of Albert and Ruth Budrick. She lived her first two years at her maternal grandmother's house, until her mom became pregnant with her brother, at which time, they bought a new little cape cod house a quarter of a mile away. Linda loved her Nana and hated leaving, but she was also excited about having a baby brother, as well as a new puppy named Tippy. Unfortunately, Tippy got distemper and died after a couple of years. Her new baby brother, Alan, however, is still alive and kicking, and in fact, became very good friends with her ex-husband, Andy's dad.

Linda met Bob, Andy's dad, in September 1974. They hit it off immediately and decided to tie the knot in May 1977. Andy was born in July 1982 and 5 years later, Sean was born in Oct 1987. Of course, there was a lot that happened in between all of this, but for our story, this is enough.

From the time Andy was 4 years old, he developed an interest in drawing. I'm not sure when he entered his first comic book store, but for awhile, the family lived in Waltham, MA, and there was a comic book store just down the street. That was about the time Andy became hooked on comics.

After moving to Arizona in 1996, Linda used to drive Andy to a comic book store at Scottsdale and Shea, where he would indulge his habit.

For many years, Andy's goal was to be a comic book artist when he grew up. Linda encouraged it. Eventually, Andy got a job doing graphic design for a local company, and began taking classes in graphic arts at the local community college.

About two years ago, Linda, Andy, Sean, and Avery (Linda's partner), talked about opening a comic book store together, and entered into a period of intense planning. By Dec. 2008, the store was opened.

Since then, we have worked well together to make Comic Zone a success.

Linda also pursues other interests in wholistic life coaching and real estate investing.

Life is good.