Pronunciation: \mag- 'na-ne-mes\
Function: Adjective
1. showing or suggesting a lofty and courageous spirit.
2. showing or suggesting nobility of feeling and generosity of mind.

In April 2009, there was a discussion on the Message Boards in which people were trying to find a word or phrase to describe Mallory. Kay proffered the word magnanimous, followed by the explanation of "For those of you that don't have a dictionary, I'm fairly certain magnanimous means 'absent-minded' and 'chivalrous' (from the Latin word 'chivalry' which means 'always cold'). But his post was deleted after Mal questioned it, leaving Psycho Andy to reiterate his previous suggestion of "superstar" and it created some confusion.

Trying to explain the situation (without knowing whether Kay's comment was deleted or if she were truly crazy), Mal posted, "You said that it was an appropriate word to describe me!! And then you said it meant cold and absent minded, and something about chivalry. Am I crazy here?"

The confusion was resolved in July when Kay owned up to deleting his post.

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