Mega Man
Mega Man
Real Name Rock
Birthdate 200X
Birthplace Dr. Light's Lab
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Allies Dr. Light, Roll, Proto Man
Rivals Dr. Wily, Bass
Debut Mega Man 1
English voice actor(s) Ian James Corlett

Mega Man is a short, blue, android superhero who is the star of several eponymous video games created by Capcom. In Japan, he is known as Rock Man.

Originally created as a household maintenance robot, along with his "sister" Roll, Rock lived a peaceful life. But, when mad scientist Dr. Wily reprogrammed several of Dr. Light's Robot Masters for evil, Rock's sense of justice took over, and he volunteered to be re-built as a war machine in order to defeat Dr. Wily's forces.

Dr. Light re-built Rock, and on that day, Mega Man was born!

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