Ms. Marvel's Mighty Avengers team. Art by Frank Cho.

The Mighty Avengers is the name of three teams in Marvel comics.

The original Avengers were often referred to as "The Mighty Avengers," short for their full title, "Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Avengers."

After the Superhero Civil War, Tony Stark appointed Ms. Marvel in charge of the new United States government-sanctioned Avengers team (as opposed to Luke Cage's Secret Avengers). She chose the following roster, whose adventures were followed in the pages of Mighty Avengers #s 1-20:

Pym mightyavengers

Pym's Mighty Avengers team. Art by Khoi Pham.

After the Skrull's Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn constructed the new government-sanctioned Avengers. In response, Hank Pym assembled his own team of Mighty Avengers. Their adventures were followed in the pages of Mighty Avengers #s 21-36.

This team disbanded when Pym offered Loki a spot on the team; everybody except for Jarvis and Jocasta lost faith in Hank and quit. They re-allied with each other to help Hercules in Olympus, which led to the death of the Demi-God. The remaining Mighty Avengers teamed up during the Siege of Asgard, assisting everybody else in taking down Norman Osborn and The Void.

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