Mike Knox -- (born on July 17, 1978, as Michael Hettinga, in San Bernadino, CA) was a pro wrestler with World Wrestling Entertainment. Mike Knox got his first national attention through Ulimate Pro Wrestling as a part of the Outlaws with Marshall Knox, as well as frequently teaming with Derick Neikirk and Hollywood Yates. Additionally, Mike Knox started working in Impact Zone Wrestling and he was the promotion's inaugural champion (he also won the IZW Heavyweight Championship in 2004). In March 2005, he signed with WWE.

Mike Knox worked for several months in Deep South Wrestling (where The Miz beat him to become the promotion's first champion) before joining the relaunched ECW brand in 2006, where he started a feud with CM Punk. The arguable highlight of his career came at that year's Survivor Series when he faced off against Punk, DX, and the Hardys in an elimination match. He was eliminated in the opening moments after Shawn Michaels blasted him with Sweet Chin Music.

Afterwards, Mike Knox worked on all three brands, including Friday Night Smackdown! and RAW, where his most high profile program was with Rey Mysterio in early 2009 and he was a playable character in SVR'10. On April 22, 2010, he was released from World Wrestling Entertainment on the same days as Mickie James, Shelton Benjamin, and others.

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