"Misguided" was the first album written, recorded, and released by Kyle Sonnenberg as a solo artist.  Most of the songs featured on the album were songs that the Caterwauls had been performing but they were discluded from Rozepedals

Track listing:
1. Ruler (acoustic)
2. Misguided
3. Judgment Day
4. Alive
5. For All The People
6. Peaceful Anarchy
7. High
8. Down
9. Hide Behind
10. Hide

Both "Ruler" and "Peaceful Anarchy" had different versions recorded for prior albums, but the Misguided recordings were slower and acoustic unlike the versions on Prescription Pill and Claustrophobic, respectively.

The concept of the album was mostly a test for Kyle Sonnenberg who had acquired a lot of home recording devices and he was testing out the equipment.  The self-released album was available for a short time in early 2006 as a CD-R without an album cover.  About a year after the album was finished, Kyle Sonnenberg's computer deleted the recording so he had to retrieve a copy of the album from Edward Motley. As a token of thanks, Kyle gave Kay a copy of Claustrophobic and the rare DSFA recordings.

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