Delaying a mega explosion

Miss Elizabeth -- (born November 19, 1960, as Elizabeth Anne Hulette, in Frankfort, KY) was a pro wrestling manager best known as the manager/wife of Randy Macho Man Savage and she is often regarded as "the first lady of the WWF."

Miss Elizabeth made her WWF debut in May 1985 as Randy Savage's surprise manager over the likes of Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Classy Freddie Blassie, and others. Her demur presence was the perfect contrast to Savage's demeanor and she quickly became leveraged greatly in Savage's feud against George The Animal Steele in 1986, which led into a feud with Ricky The Dragon Steamboat that culminated at WrestleMania III. Savage continued to pursue the WWF Intercontinental title after Honky Tonk Man upset Steamboat, which turned Savage and Elizabeth into fan favorites.

Miss Elizabeth quickly became a major factor in the feud between Randy Savage and Honky Tonk Man, highlighted by Honky shoving her to the canvas on Saturday Night's Main Event. That action led Elizabeth to call on Hulk Hogan for backup, which began the union of the Mega Powers. As a trio, Mega-Powers dominated the WWF in 1988 with Randy Savage winning the WWF World title at WrestleMania IV (thanks in large part to Hogan) and defeating Ted DiBiase & Andre The Giant at the inaugural SummerSlam, as well as defying the odds at Survivor Series. Unfortunately, their powerful momentum turned into a massive separation in 1989 after Hogan (inadvertantly) eliminated Savage at the Royal Rumble and abandoned Savage during a match on The Main Event in February 1989, leading to a title match between the two at WrestleMania V. Elizabeth opted to provide support to both men during the match itself with the intent of remaining their manager afterwards, but Savage fired her and hired Sensational Sherri. Liz served as Hogan's manager sparringly before he disappeared from the scenes altogether.

Miss Elizabeth appeared at WrestleMania VI to cost Randy "Macho King" Savage and Sensational Queen Sherri a mixed tag match. Conversely, she sat in the audience at WrestleMania VII passively supporting Savage in a retirement match with Ultimate Warrior. After the loss, Sherri attacked Savage but Elizabeth made the save. As a result, the couple were married at SummerSlam '91 during which Jake The Snake Roberts disrupted the wedding reception by giving the on-screen newlyweds (they had been legimiately married since December 1984) a live cobra as a "gift."

Randy Macho Man Savage and Jake The Snake Roberts had an intense feud for the next several months, which saw Savage beat Roberts twice. As a result, Savage was named as challenger for Ric Flair's WWF championship at WrestleMania VIII. Flair baited Savage in their feud by boasting to have a relationship with Elizabeth prior to her meeting Randy, even displaying doctored photographs of himself with Liz as evidence. Unfortuantely, his mind games served as motivation for Savage to win, which he did. During his second reign as champion, Savage announced that he and Elizabeth had filed for divorce IRL. Elizabeth's last WWF appearance was in support of Savage during a title match against Shawn Michaels with Sherri ringside.

Miss Elizabeth appeared in World Championship Wrestling to complicate her relationship with Randy Savage. Originally she sided with him and Hulk Hogan, briefly reforming the Mega-Powers, but then she cost him the WCW championship and sided with Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen. Several months later, she left the Horsemen alliance to join the New World Order with Hollywood Hogan. When Randy Savage joined the nWo, she and Savage were reunited until the nWo splintered and they were on opposite sides again.

After her association with Randy Savage ended entirely, Ms. Elizabeth continued in WCW by accompanying the likes of Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, Sting, and Ric Flair for various periods. She even became an active wrestler in May 2000 for a few matches with Daffney, Madusa, and Rhonda Singh. After the WWF purchased WCW, she never appeared on another wrestling broadcast.

On May 1, 2003, Ms. Elizabeth died from a presumed drug overdose in the house she shared with Lex Luger.

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