Ms. Marvel
Msmarvel by frank cho
Art by Frank Cho
Ms. Marvel
Real Name Captain Carol Danvers
Birthplace Boston, Mass.
Height 5'11"
Weight 124 lbs
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Fighting style US Air Force hand-to-hand combat training
Allies Avengers, Starjammers, X-Men
Debut Marvel Super Heroes #13
English voice actor(s) Grey DeLisle (Super Hero Squad Show), Roscoe Handford (X-Men (90s))

Carol Danvers was a Captain in the United States Air Force when she was caught in an explosion of Kree technology, granting her superhuman powers and abilities. Since that day, Carol Danvers has been protecting the Earth from evil as the mighty Ms. Marvel! Originally cast as the love interest of Captain Marvel, Danvers quickly asserted herself as her own hero upon Mar-Vell's death to cancer.

In Avengers Annual #10, Ms. Marvel was attacked by Rogue, who used her life-force-draining powers to put Ms. Marvel in a coma. Danvers was out of commission for several months, while Rogue retained Ms. Marvel's flight, superhuman strength, and invulnerability. She was then abducted by The Alien Brood, and given the ability to tap into a "white hole." Under her second identity, Danvers became known as "Binary," and, for a short time, joined the Starjammers.

Danvers' personality began to assert itself over Rogue, eventually taking over Rogue's body completely. Magneto was forced to rid herself of Danvers' memories, finally ridding Rogue of her split personality, once and for all.

At the conclusion of the Avengers story, '''Operation: Galactic Storm''', Binary's powers faded, and Danvers was back to being Ms. Marvel. She joined the Avengers under the name "Warbird," but the loss of her powers cast Carol into a deep depression, and she became an alcoholic. Due to her endangerment of herself and her teammates, she was suspended from active Avengers duty.

When the Scarlet Witch altered reality into the House of M storyline, Danvers found herself as the world's most beloved super hero, under the name Captain Marvel. When the real world was restored, Carol picked herself back up and cleaned herself off. If she could be the most popular super hero in one version of Earth, why couldn't she be in this one, as well? Ms. Marvel was re-born, and Carol has dedicated herself to becoming the world's greatest hero.

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