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The so-called #NHL "Seasonal" championship is a fictitious honor tracked by Ed The K Motley (mostly on Twitter) where he treats the NHL as if it had a championship to be defended like a WWE Championship or UFC Championship throughout the regular season.

Each season starts with the fabled championship on the defending Stanley Cup Champions. After the pre-season games are over, that team must defend the championship during every game of their season. If another team beats the reigning "Seasonal" champions in regulation or overtime, then that team assumes the honor and defends it at every game until the season is over.

Obviously, the only truly important championship in NHL is the Stanley Cup, but the #NHL "Seasonal" championship adds another element of entertainment to the season, much like any given "fantasy league" or illegal gambling.

Below is the complete lineage of the 2011-12 #NHL "Seasonal" championship:

1) Philadelphia Flyers beat Boston Bruins, 2-1, on October 6th.

  • beat New Jersey Devils, 3-0, on October 8th.
  • beat Vancouver Canucks, 5-4, on October 12th.

2) LA Kings beat Philadelphia Flyers, 3-2 OT, on October 15th.

  • beat St. Louis Blues, 5-0, on October 18th.
  • beat Phoenix Coyotes, 2-0, on October 20th.
  • beat Dallas Stars, 1-0, on October 22nd.

3) New Jersey Devils beat LA Kings, 3-0, on October 25th.

4) Phoenix Coyotes beat New Jersey Devils, 5-3, on October 27th.

  • beat LA Kings, 3-2, on October 29th.
  • beat Colorado Avalanche, 4-1, on November 2nd.

5) Nashville Predators beat Phoenix Coyotes, 3-0, on November 3rd.

  • beat San Jose Sharks, 4-3 OT, on November 5th.

6) LA Kings (2x) beat Nashville Predators, 4-3, on November 8th.

7) Vancouver Canucks beat LA Kings, 3-2, on November 10th.

8) Anaheim Ducks beat Vancouver Canucks, 5-2, on November 11th.

9) Minnesota Wild beat Anaheim Ducks, 3-2, on November 13th.

  • beat Columbus Blue Jackets, 4-2, on November 15th.
  • beat Colorado Avalanche, 1-0, on November 17th.
  • beat St. Louis Blues, 3-2 OT, on November 19th.
  • beat Nashville Predators, 3-2, on November 23rd.

10) Edmonton Oilers beat Minnesota Wild, 5-2, on November 25th.

11) Colorado Avalanche beat Edmonton Oilers, 5-2, on November 26th.

12) Dallas Stars beat Colorado Avalanche, 3-1, on November 28th.

  • beat Ottawa Senators, 3-2, on December 1st.

13) New York Islanders beat Dallas Stars, 5-4, on December 3rd.

  • beat Tampa Bay Lightning, 5-1, on December 6th.

14) Chicago Blackhawks beat New York Islanders, 3-2 OT, on December 8th.

  • beat San Jose Sharks, 3-2 OT, on December 11th.
  • beat Minnesota Wild, 4-3 OT, on December 14th.
  • beat Anaheim Ducks, 4-1, on December 16th.
  • beat Calgary Flames, 4-2, on December 18th.

15) Pittsburgh Penguins beat Chicago Blackhawks, 3-2, on December 20th.

  • beat Winnipeg Jets, 4-1, on December 23rd.
  • beat Carolina Hurricanes, 4-2, on December 27th.

16) Philadelphia Flyers (2x) beat Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-2, on December 29th.

17) New York Rangers beat Philadelphia Flyers, 3-1,on January 2nd at Winter Classic.

  • beat Florida Panthers, 3-2 OT, on January 5th.
  • beat Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-1, on January 6th.
  • beat Phoenix Coyotes, 2-1 SO, on January 10th.

18) Ottawa Senators beat New York Rangers, 3-0, on January 12th.

  • beat Montreal Canadiens, 3-2 SO, on January 15th.

19) Winnipeg Jets beat Ottawa Senators, 2-0, on January 16th.

20) New Jersey Devils (2x) beat Winnipeg Jets, 4-0, on January 17th.

21) Boston Bruins beat New Jersey Devils, 4-1, on January 19th.

22) New York Rangers (2x) beat Boston Bruins, 3-2 OT, on January 21st.

23) New Jersey Devils (3x) beat New York Rangers, 4-3 SO, on January 31st.

  • beat Montreal Canadiens, 5-3, on February 2nd.
  • beat Philadelphia Flyers, 6-4, on February 4th.
  • beat Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-2, on February 5th.
  • beat New York Rangers, 1-0, on February 7th.

24) St. Louis Blues beat New Jersey Devils, 4-3 SO, on February 9th.

  • beat Colorado Avalanche, 3-2 OT, on February 11th.
  • beat San Jose Sharks, 3-0, on February 12th.

25) Columbus Blue Jackets beat St. Louis Blues, 2-1, on February 14th.

26) Chicago Blackhawks (2x) beat Columbus Blue Jackets, 6-1, on February 18th.

  • beat St. Louis Blues, 3-1, on February 19th.
  • beat Detroit Red Wings, 2-1, on February 21st.

27) Dallas Stars (2x) beat Chicago Blackhawks, 3-1, on February 23rd.

  • beat Minnesota Wild, 4-1, on February 24th.
  • beat Vancouver Canucks, 3-2 OT, on February 26th.

28) Pittsburgh Penguins (2x) beat Dallas Stars, 4-3 SO, on February 29th.

  • beat Colorado Avalanche, 5-1, on March 3rd.
  • beat Phoenix Coyotes, 2-1, on March 5th.
  • beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 3-2, on March 7th.
  • beat Florida Panthers, 2-1 SO, on March 9th.
  • beat Boston Bruins, 5-2, on March 11th.
  • beat New York Rangers, 5-2, on March 15th.
  • beat New Jersey Devils, 5-2, on March 17th.

29) Philadelphia Flyers (3x) beat Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-2, on March 18th.

30) Florida Panthers beat Philadelphia Flyers, 2-1, on March 20th.

31) Carolina Hurricanes beat Florida Panthers, 3-1, on March 21st.

32) Columbus Blue Jackets beat Carolina Hurricanes, 5-1, on March 23rd.

33) Edmonton Oilers beat Columbus Blue Jackets, 6-3, on March 25th.

34) Dallas Stars beat Edmonton Oilers, 3-1, on March 28th.

35) Vancouver Canucks beat Dallas Stars, 5-2, on March 30th.

  • beat Calgary Flames, 3-2 SO, on March 31st.
  • beat Anaheim Ducks, 5-4 SO, on April 3rd.

36) Calgary Flames beat Vancouver Canucks, 3-2, on April 5th.

  • beat Anaheim Ducks, 5-2, on April 7th.

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