Navajo Warrior at The Sets

Navajo Warrior -- (born October 21, 1971, as Steve Greyeyes Islas, in Tempe, AZ) is the liaison between THQ and WWE and an independent pro wrestler, best known as the Godfather of Arizona wrestling. He is the reigning two-time IZW Heavyweight champion.

In 1991, the Navajo Kid (at the time) logged his first matches as a rookie under the guidance of Steve Gatorwolf in Arizona, but since that time, he has learned the ropes and taught them. With the heart of a lion, a soul of a warrior, and the faith of his ancestors, Navajo Warrior is the franchise in Impact Zone Wrestling.

Navajo Warrior (or "Nav" as he is commonly addressed) made several apperances for World Wrestling Entertainment, dating back to April 1993, when he faced Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, and the Headshrinkers, to January 2003 when he, G. Q. Gallo, Hollywood Yates, Mike Knox, Derick Neikirk, and Ryan Sakoda judged a body building contest on RAW, and all the way up to recent years when he wrestled Chris Benoit, the Highlanders, and others.

Outside of the ring, Nav was the "Vince McMahon" of IZW whereby almost everything in the promotion was a reflection of his work. He trained several individuals for the ring, including Horshu (a.k.a. Luther Reigns), Mike Knox, and many others, as well as giving guidance to many more, including John Cena, Melina Perez (as Kyra), The Great Khali, and countless others. With Ghostwalker, he was an inaugural IZW Tag Team Champion, a title he held on four separate occassions with two partners. Additionally, he won the IZW Heavyweight championship twice (which have coincided with periods of inactivity).

Nowadays, Navajo Warrior works on the Smackdown versus RAW franchise for THQ, which requires him to attend most live WWE events. His primary requirements are recording voiceovers for the "Road To WrestleMania" storylines, attending media events and launch parties for the WWE video games releases, and presenting the business needs of each company to the other. Additionally, his facepaint is available on SVR'11 and he has recorded voiceovers for SVR'12.

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