Cover to New Avengers 7. Art by David Finch

Heroicage newavengers

Heroic Age New Avengers. Art by Stuart Immonen

The New Avengers is a comic book series written by Brian Michael Bendis for Marvel Comics. It is currently on its second volume, which began in May of 2010. Volume 1 ran for 65 issues, published between 2004-2010, rising out of the ashes of the events in Avengers Disassembled.

Marvel decided that it was time to reinvigorate the Avengers franchise. Taking a cue from the Justice League (and, in fact, the original premise for the original Avengers), the New Avengers team took the most popular characters from around the Marvel universe and combined them with some up-and-coming heroes, ready to move to the next level of popularity.

Original New Avengers roster:

(Series continues in New Avengers; Team name changes to Secret Avengers)

Heroic Age New Avengers Roster:

  • Luke Cage
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Jessica Jones
  • The Thing

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