Tex's NY Rangers

The New York Rangers are the most popular sports franchise playing out of Madison Square Garden for the National Hockey League (and yes, only NHL team in MSG). One of the "Original Six" teams, the NY Rangers were the first US team to win the Stanley Cup in 1928, their second season. They won the cup again in 1933, in 1940, and most recently, in 1994.

The New York Rangers came about when the New York Americans exceeded expectations playing out of MSG after joining the NHL, and MSG President Tex Rickard (a man credited for nicknaming the "Habs") sought his own franchise: New York Giants. While covering the story around bringing a new NHL team to New York City however, the local press nicknamed them "Tex's Rangers," so Tex dropped his planned mascot and the team officially started as the New York Rangers, which has been the team's name throughout its existence.

For the 1993-94 season, Ed The K Motley predicted that the New York Rangers would win the Stanley Cup, even getting a NY Rangers T-shirt for Christmas 1993, and they were the heavy-favorites by the time the Stanley Cup tournament began. They eliminated the New York Islanders and Washington Capitals in the first two rounds before finding a trying opponent in the New Jersey Devils in the Conference Finals, which they won in double-overtime of Game Seven after falling 3-2 in the series. At that point, Kay predicted the New Jersey Devils would make it to the Stanley Cup Finals the next year. In the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, the NY Rangers met the unlikely "Cinderella" team of the Vancouver Canucks. The Rangers led the series 3-1, but they failed to beat the Canucks in MSG for Game 5, and then a stunning 6-3 upset befell them in Game 6, so it forced them to either win Game 7 in MSG or fail to break the 54-year-old "curse." The Rangers got a 2-0 lead, but a short-handed goal by Vancouver cut the lead to 2-1. Two opposing powerplay goals put the game at 3-2 with only seconds remaining in regulation. The Rangers held on despite tremendous pressure, and NYC celebrated the end of its curse. Both the 1993-94 Rangers and 1993-94 Canucks are still revered today among their fans for the thrilling series.

Since then, the New York Rangers have seen a great decline in success and popularity, but maybe they will be determined to win again in 2044 if their "curse" turns 50 again.

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