WWF/WWE No Mercy was one of the annual WWE pay-per-views held in October from 1999 through 2008, during which time it was mostly a Smackdown brand event. The first one was held overseas in United Kingdom in May 1999.

Its most-lasting mark though came as a 2000 video game by THQ/AKI, as a sequel to the WrestleMania 2000 video game, but it was the last release for N64 and it is still often the benchmark by which all new wrestling games are compared. The standout features in No Mercy were its backstage environments and its Create-a-Wrestler mode where each creation had four ring attires and each attire could have unique names, heights, weights, body parts, and music, technically allowing four different wrestlers per slot (although they would share the same moveset). Its best appeal was that the gameplay was easy to learn and fun to play amongst friends.

Below is a breakdown of a few details from each live event (date, city, key matches):

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