On The Way

Kyle's 3rd solo album

"On The Way" was the third album written, recorded, and released by Kyle Sonnenberg as a solo artist.  All songs and lyrics were written by Kyle Sonnenberg in 2006 (except "Prescription Pill" which was written several years earlier).  Many of the songs included on the album were adopted by the Caterwauls for live performances, although after this album, Kyle Sonnenberg began taking several gigs as a solo performer.

Track listing:
1. Lie
2. Maybe
3. Sweet Honey
4. On The Way
5. Safe
6. Supervised
7. Wise
8. Prescription Pill
9. Wonder Why
10. Running Away
11. Fade

Unlike the blend of styles that trademarked the sound of the Caterwauls, "On The Way" was mostly powerpop rock with the addition of a synthesizer.  Like "Kyle Son," the album was self-released on CD-R's with an unofficial album cover.

The song "On The Way" became the first video of Kyle Sonnenberg.

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